Adding Reviews To Your Site- Affiliate Bootcamp Training- Lesson 8

Adding Reviews To Your Site


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Affiliate bootcamp training- Lesson 8

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Today we are going to be adding our very first review to our site, appropriately this will be your “Wealthy Affiliate Review”. Product/Services reviews are going to be a critical component of your success going forward as it is going to allow you to convey to your audience which products are effective, and which products are not so effective.

People RESEARCH before they BUY…Author Kyle at wealthy Affiliate

If you can offer a thorough review of a product or service, then you are going to expedite the decision process and it will lead to much higher conversions.

Think about your last purchase you made online…in fact think about your journey into Wealthy Affiliate. Did your research Wealthy Affiliate before you joined? Most likely, yes.

Many people spend hours looking for a quality review that will send them in one direction or another. A positive review can be a powerful thing and that is what we are going to be doing today.

So today is going to be your introduction to reviews.

Affiliate Bootcamp – An Introduction to Creating Reviews

If you can master product reviews, you are going to be mastering the conversion process. Before people buy anything (or join) they want to read a through review. In this training you will walk through the process of creating a quality review for Wealthy Affiliate, along with some other “tricks” as to how you can link to your review within your website.

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