Affiliate boot camp Part 2- Lesson 3- Understanding Keywords & A day Of Selling

Understanding Keywords & A day Of Selling

Affiliate boot camp part 2- lesson 3

Today is going to be your first real lesson on keywords within the training. If you can understand keywords, you can get a lot of traffic. You have probably noticed that up until this point I have not been overly concerned with keywords, simply because people put far too much emphasis on EXACT keyword phrases versus the actual content on their site “helping” people.Author Kyle at wealthy Affiliate

This creates awkwardness

Have you ever read content online that for some reason didn’t make a lot of sense? Have you ever written content trying to target a keyword that ended up not making a lot of sense?

This is because of something called “keyword stuffing”…or what I like to call, creating horrible content that targets keywords.

First and foremost, ALL content should be written for your visitors, not keywords. Secondly, you can use “keywords” as influence, not as a tool to inject your article with words.

Up to this point I have not cared one single bit about keywords.

Here are SIX reasons why I haven’t worried about keywords up to this point:

(1) It would be teaching you bad habits if I did
(2) A lot of the time I really don’t care about keywords (they are not your ONLY route to traffic)
(3) Focusing too heavily on keywords can ruin an entire site
(4) Google will punish you if you focus too much on keywords
(5) I like my readers too much to inundate awkward keyword based articles
(6) Every page I write is LOADED with keywords

It’s not that I don’t care about keywords, I care MORE about my readers and if I lose sight of this I am going to be producing content for, well, a robot. Robots won’t convert nor will your site if you only focus on keywords.

Before we get into the Tasks for today, watch this video walk-through for this lesson.

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