Affiliate Boot Camp Training Lesson 5- Getting Some Catch Up.

Do what you like in this lesson, including getting some catch up

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Affiliate Boot Camp training- Lesson 5

Today you get a well deserved break! Congrats on your progress thus far, your hard work and your action taking is going to pay off and for many of you it is already producing results! Remember, we are only 5 lessons into our journey. Author Kyle at wealthy Affiliate

I don’t want you to get overwhelmed and I definitely don’t ever want you to feel like you are stuck, so if you are stuck, today is the day you are going to get completely unstuck by asking for help.

If there is anything you have not finished yet, catch up on that. If there is anything you would like to clean up and make better on your site, do that.

By this stage you should have the following completed:

  • A domain and a website set-up
  • Your initial plugins set up
  • 3 Pages of Content Created
  • 5 Pages within Your Top Menu (theme pages)
  • 30 ideas for subjects that you can write about
  • The beginnings of an AUTHORITY site!
  • A bunch of newly acquired knowledge.

You are doing freakin’ awesome, keep it up! We have an exciting road ahead, one that is going to be filled with traffic, content, more content, more traffic…and invites, credits and revenue!!!

Oh yeah, and if you get a chance, continue sharing Wealthy Affiliate with the world. Tweet, Like, Pin, Google +…post your “Affiliate Link” (you can get this by clicking the Affiliate Link button on any page) somewhere, email a friend, message a friend, skype a friend….go to a coffee shop and invite a stranger.

Sharing WA should be part of your daily routine. Those that eat, breathe and sleep WA are those that are going to be successful. When you see people, mention it to them. When you email people, mention it to them. When you communicate online, mention it.

Everyone has a passion or an interest, imagine if you told them they could take that passion and turn it into an online business at WA. The opportunity is endless. Absolutely everyone can benefit from WA.

How Would You Promote WA in Person?

What is WA? No seriously, if someone walked up to you and asked what it is your are doing online and how it can help their situation, how would you respond to these people?

Affiliate bootcamp training lesson 5
Think of what you would say and then go to the following discussion and post what your response would be within the following discussion:

DISCUSSION: How do you promote Wealthy Affiliate in person?

There is a bunch of awesome stuff in there and it will give you some ideas when dealing with person to person referrals (which can definitely add up to your affiliate bottom line.

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