Affiliate Boot camp Training Part 2- Lesson 6- Backing Up Your Website

Lesson 6- Backing Up Your Website

Are you backing up your site? How would you feel if you lost all of your work? Although we do offer a high quality hosting service with full redundancy, you never know when you are going to need to rollback to an earlier version of your website because of an erroneous update that you might accidentally initiate on your site.Author Kyle at wealthy Affiliate

The quick and easy way route to do this that I am going to walk you through in this training here.

This is the quick and dirty way as it is only backing up your content, not all of your theme changes etc. If for some reason you did lose your site, you will want to reinstall this on the same theme (which will require a bit of updates in your settings to make it exactly the same as before).

I typically do the quick and dirty back-up every time I make any amount of changes or content adds to my site (usually once per week). A good thing you can do is set-up a back up day in which you do this.

Backing up Directly to Dropbox

Many of you are avid users of dropbox and there is actually a plugin that will allow you to automate your WordPress backups. This is the ideal solution and something that I recommend you consider if you are a dropbox user and you have a dropbox account.

WATCH VIDEO: How to Backup Entire WordPress Blog and Have it Auto Sent to a Free Dropbox Account

It can offer a great deal of “piece of mind” and after you make any significant amount of updates or if you are doing a task that could potentially lead to conflict issue. Some of the most common things that lead to a “website” issue (that you should back up prior to doing) are:

  • Changing a theme
  • Adding new plugins
  • Updating the version of wordpress
  • Installing any third party plugin or theme
  • Manipulating the code or style.css file of your website directly

You should be backing your site up before doing any of these and also on regular intervals (at least weekly).

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