Affiliate Boot camp training- Part 2- Lesson 7- Enhancing and organizing Your Website

Lesson 7- Enhancing and organizing Your Website

Affiliate boot camp training- Lesson 7

Today is going to be a day of site clean up and optimizing the organization of your website menus. Up to this point we have been creating content through pages and posts but have not been overly concerned with the organization.
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However, this is something that needs to be a focal point going forward. User experience is closely tied to their ability to find content on your website and to navigate in an efficient and predictable way.

Your goal as a website owner is not to just get someone to visit one page on your website, but to get them to visit several pages and ideally become a repeat visitor on your website.

So today is going to be a full site clean up in attempt to improve upon the user experience. Here is a video outlining how I went about cleaning up my website today.

Your tasks for this lesson

1: Add a Drop Down Menu

Your first task is going to be to organize your top menu. There are a few things that I want to do here. I want to be able to extend the navigation on my website by allowing a drop down list. This will allow me to have MANY pages within the top menu.

Every theme is different, in the case of my website theme (Platform) I need to make sure that I had updated the settings within my theme to allow for Drop Down menus. You may need to do the same.

After you do this, you can update your menus within the Appearance => Menus section within your wp-admin area.

What you want to do is to streamline your top menu in a way that make senses to your visitor. This could be completely different that what I do, so please don’t copy what I have done here. Organize it based on the themes of your site and what makes sense for your structure now (this could always be updated down the road).

I have reorganized my top menu to include 4 items, with two of them being “drop down” menus.

  • Getting Started
  • The Good
  • The Scams
  • About Kyle

“The Good” and “The Scams” items are both drop down menus and they will grow as I create more review pages on my site. As I move forward, I may break out other drop down menus as I feel they make sense for user navigation.

2: Organize Your Side Bar

You have another great opportunity to add a layer of organization with in your sidebar. As you have seen, I have removed some redundancies from my website by not having the same thing twice.

There are 3 steps to creating awebsite:

Step 1: Create a Custom Menu (on the Appearance => Menus tab)

Step 2: Add the items that you want within the menu and save

Step 3: Under Appearance => Widgets add your Custom Menu to the side bar area

Remember to avoid redundancy between multiple menus. These side widgets are going to allow you to extend the navigation within your site and in the coming lessons we are also going to be incorporating some other types of widgets to enhance our site.

This new custom menu is going to showcase within your sidebar some of the pages that you want to feature on your website and can add a component of organization.

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