Affiliate Boot camp Training Part 3- How To Give Your Site A Social Value

Affiliate bootcamp training part 3

How To Give Your Site A Social Value

Course Insight

If you have a website that has quality content, you need to make sure that your visitors can share that content. In this phase we are going to be discussing a variety of social aspects that you can incorporate into your site to make it more social, more engaging, and that you can use to get more reach (and traffic).

lessons included


Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  1. How to Add Social Plugins to Your Website
  2. The True Benefits of Going “Social”
  3. What Social Networks You Need to Use and Which Ones to Avoid
  4. How to Write Content That is Socially Engaging
  5. Effective Sharing Techniques
  6. Creating a Website That is Socially Friendly With Google
  7. The Financial Benefit to Contributing to WA


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