All The Training You Need To Choose Your Perfect Profitable Niche

Choosing Your Perfect Profitable Niche

By Sam Ammouri

When starting an affiliate marketing site, you will have to decide on a niche. Most times people will ask, what is a profitable niche? This is normally the question after the question, what is a niche? In this post I will answer both.

So, what is a niche?

coffee niche market

A niche is anything that pertains to a specific area of the population with a specific interest. Let us say you are into drinking coffee but only the instant segment of the coffee market. That instant coffee segment is a niche because it is a subset of the wider coffee consumption market.

How To Narrow The Niche

Staying with the niche of instant coffee, you would want to think of different things that apply to instant coffee. What could these be? Perhaps your favorite tastes which would narrow it down to the type such Columbian or Arabian coffee, or you could focus on how to brew it yourself and then narrow that down to specific equipment.


It is very important to narrow down your niche as much as possible, by doing so you can become an authority within your respective niche. And as an authority you basically will become the big fish in the small pond. This is why it is important to be knowledgeable in your selected niche.

So now you are trying to figure out which niche to select. You have all of these ideas in your head but you are not sure which one to pick. what do I do?

Think about the things that you enjoy doing the most and then determine if there are others like yourself that enjoy them too.

Like I mentioned above, I first think about the things I enjoy doing and I am passionate about. We all do something that is not done by everybody. Seek out what that thing is and see what you can come up with. And if you cannot come up with something you like doing, then find a niche that you would enjoy doing a lot of research on.

I said a lot of research because you will need to be seen as an authority in your niche in order to do well in it by writing loads and loads of content about it. Writing niche content is not something you can mask. Your readers will know by what you write if they should buy from you or not.

2 Popular Niche Market

There are two very broad categories or markets of niches that are quite popular and have hundreds of sub-niches, which is one reason why they can be the most profitable too.

The first is an EVERGREEN

The second is known as a PASSION or hobby market.

Each one of these niches have many sub-markets and each of those sub-markets can also be narrowed down some more. I could write a 40 page tutorial here based on all of the sub-markets and still unable to cover them all. So in the coming pages I will just touch on the most popular niche markets.

Evergreen / Sustainable / Lasting Markets

Among these types of marketing niches, the Evergreen market can be the most profitable. This is because there is never a shortage of people looking for products and services to these Evergreen niches.

Being that they all have a plethora of sub niches, makes them HIGHLY profitable without any market saturation.

Here is The three most popular Evergreen market niches.

1. Health

The HEALTH NICHE is the most in demand of the three markets. Think about all of the many different products having to do with some aspect of becoming and staying healthy. Everyone is always looking for that better way to achieve a healthier body and lifestyle.

Once you narrow down all of these niches and sub niches, you will find many that can make you big profits. And remember to narrow your niche down as far as possible when first starting, this way you can start narrow and always grow it to a broader niche later.

By doing so you will have a ton of stuff to write about and will not reach the end of your content writing for quite some time.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of examples that you can focus your heath niche on.

  • Dieting Programs,
  • Dieting Supplements,
  • Vitamin Supplements,
  • Herbal Supplements,
  • Organic Foods,
  • Non-GMO Produce,
  • Gluten Free Foods,
  • Low Glycemic Foods,
  • Fruit Smoothies,
  • Fresh Juicing,
  • Healthy Spices,
  • Fish Oil, Exercises,
  • Exercise Programs,
  • Exercise Equipment,
  • Nicotine Patch,
  • Vaporizers and more.

You can even narrow those sub niches down further. The health niche is very profitable!

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The Make money niche

This is the second market in making money. and this is almost as in demand as the Health niche. There are so many people looking to make money! Heck you are one yourself, otherwise you wouldn’t be here at my site reading this.

The niches available in the Make Money Niche are plentiful! Many of them, especially Affiliate Marketing, have many sub niches. Here are some examples of Make Money Niches.

  • Affiliate Marketing,
  • Network Marketing,
  • Multi-Level Marketing,
  • Direct Sales, Drop Shipping,
  • auctions like eBay and Etsy,
  • Keyword Research,
  • Freelance Content Writing,
  • Freelance Blogging,
  • Resume Writing,
  • Copywriting,
  • Website Design,
  • Social Media Marketing,
  • Domain Name Sales,
  • Forex Trading and more.

Many of these niches can be narrowed down even more and some can be accomplished via your own website or on other like Fiverr, Amazon, Etsy, and eBay and many others.

The Romance niche

This niche is the third market of the evergreen,  and even though it is not as big as both the Health and Make Money niches, it is still a very popular niche that many seek help and advice in.

Deep throughout history, men and women have been trying to figure each other out, and find many ways to win the hearts and minds of the opposite sex. Often times an outside view on a particular romantic or relationship situation can help and bring clarity to the problem at hand.

the romance niche

Just have a look at your own TV and you will see ads for all different kinds of dating websites like, senior people meet, eHarmony, OkCupid, or Match. But the Romance niche goes far beyond just dating sites because you have all of the other things that are associated with expressing your love for someone.

You now have niches such as

  • Online Dating,
  • Romance Tips,
  • Counseling,
  • Flowers,
  • Greeting Cards, Perfume/Cologne
  • Jewelry,
  • Romantic Getaway Trips,
  • Dinner Cruises, Massage & Spa Treatments,
  • Dating Events, and many more.

You can narrow these down more by making them gender specific. For example, your Romance Tips could be directed towards giving advice to men for a better dating experience with women and or vice versa.

So when choosing any of the Evergreen niches do not think that they are too saturated because there are just too many variables and sub niches to choose from and billions of people who will never stop seeking romance.

Passions – Hobbies Markets

Just like with the Evergreen markets, those that engage in the Hobbies and Passions of people can also be highly profitable. Think about it! If someone enjoys doing something, don’t you think that they will continue doing it?

By marketing to people’s passions you are targeting an area that many people spend a lot of money on. I know for me personally I could easily drop $150.00 every time I would go to a NEW YORK Yankees game at Yankee Stadium

Now I won’t be able to list all of the Passions and Hobby niches here, because there are just way too many to mention! Just think of all the niches and sub niches that are available in this niche market. These can all bring huge profits depending on how you market.

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My Passions & hobbies

I am sure we all have something we cannot do without every day or week. I know people that cannot start their day without a cup of Starbucks coffee. We all have or need our fixes. So here are some of passions


The sports niche is large and very profitable because there are so many kinds of sports and sub niches within each sport. Let me just mention some. Since it is currently Baseball Season here in the U.S. I will focus on my favorite team, the NY Yanks.

Regardless to which team you choose there are many sub niches associated with it. There is the obvious sub niche of Baseball which is the team itself but plenty of sub-sub niches are available too!

sports niche explained

You have…

  • Yankees Memorabilia,
  • Yankees Jerseys,
  • Yankees Caps,
  • Yankees Clothing for Boys/Men and Girls/Women, Baseball Related Toys,
  • Baseball Team iPhone Cases,
  • Baseballs, Baseball Gloves,
  • Baseball Bats,
  • & Baseball Cleats.

Also every baseball team has individual players who are famous within all of Major League Baseball and niches can be assigned to just them alone. All of these sub niches can even be narrowed down more, and this is just for one team & one sport.

The Sports Niche is really vast.

2. Video games

video game niche

This niche is another very big and profitable niche. But like most niches you must narrow it down for it is way too broad, even if you were to narrow it down to only Sony PlayStation games. You will have to focus on a specific aspect or genre of Video Games.

Here are some of the highly profitable sub niches.

  • Video Game Consoles,
  • Game Controllers, Game Hard Drives,
  • Specialty Controllers (Steering Wheels, Flight Sticks.
  • Audio Headsets,
  • Portable Video Game Systems,
  • SD Cards, Portable Travel Cases,
  • Game System Skins, Shooter Games, Racing Games,
  • Fighting Games,
  • Arcade Games,
  • Role Play Games,
  • Retro Games,
  • Baseball Games,
  • Basketball Games,
  • Football Games,
  • Golfing Games,
  • Hockey Games,
  • Soccer Games,
  • Simulation Games,
  • Poker & Casino Games,
  • Nintendo Specific Games,
  • PlayStation Specific Games,
  • Xbox Specific Games,
  • PC Games,
  • Online Games,
  • Download Games,
  • Learning Games,
  • Games for Girls,

And there is so much more with even more sub niches.

3. Travelling

travel niche explained

This is a unique niche and could be quite lucrative as people tend to pay big money for travel packages to various vacation destinations. You will also want to consider all of the types of niches that go into the Travel niche beyond just the vacation destination.

For instance, many people are a huge fan of Disney World in Florida and you can spend quite a bit of money when going there. But there are ways to save a lot of money too and that is what many will want to know, especially if they are traveling with their children.

Some of the sub niches would consist of things like…

  • Luggage,
  • Garment Bags,
  • Rental Cars,
  • Hotel Packages,
  • Event Tickets,
  • Sightseeing Tours,
  • Airline Tickets,
  • Disney and/or Florida Souvenirs,
  • Restaurant Discounts,
  • Travel-sized Toiletries,
  • Sunblock,
  • Summer Clothing,
  • and many more items having anything to do with traveling.


Yes,  there are many more HOBBY & PASSION NICHES that I have such as…

  • Cooking,
  • Vegetarian Food, Ethnic Foods,
  • Hiking, Camping, Photography,
  • Sports Collectibles, NASCAR Collectibles,
  • Coin Collecting,
  • DVD Movies, Movie & TV Show Figurines, anything Star Wars & Star Trek,
  • Craft Beer,
  • Wine,
  • Local History,
  • American History,  Every one of these can be narrowed down into sub niches.

So can you now see that no matter how popular you may think a niche is, there is no way that it is too saturated for you to make big profit? And if you start out as narrow as possible, you can grow your niche broader as time goes by and thus tap into more money from various other corners of that niche.

I do hope to have given you a clear insight into the many different highly profitable Evergreen & Passion Niches and it will give you some better ideas for different niches to select for your next website. Such niche ideas can bring you many profitable outlooks.

Now would you like to explore your passion for real? How about if I start you totally free and give you 2 free website to start with? Then check out my #1 recommendation and how I started my passion with them over 2 years ago.

Sam Ammouri

Always Your Pal

Sam Ammouri


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