Article Marketing guide- Finding a Product To Sell


Finding  a Product To Sell

Article Marketing guide- lesson 5

As an Internet marketer it is your responsibility to connect a customer with a relevant product. Making a relevant connection between audience and product is key to succeeding. Once you have found an audience that you wish to promote to, you can then look for a product that they will be interested in.writing articles-

There are many different places that you can search for products to match up to any specific audience.

Affiliate Networks:

Affiliate networks are a great place to find products to sell because they handle aspects of marketing such as tracking, making payment, handling support, and offering a central place to manage your marketing statistics.

Affiliate networks like Clickbank, Commission Junction, Regnow, Share a Sale, and many others, will make it easy for you to find a product that you can offer to your audience.

Independent Affiliate Programs:

Sometimes you just won’t be able to find a product to promote on an affiliate network. This may require you to look for independent products with their own affiliate programs. Wealthy Affiliate, for example, has its own affiliate program. It is not not connected to any affiliate network. They handle payment to affiliates and all other aspects required to run a successful affiliate program.

Other merchants also handle their own affiliate programs. To find an independent affiliate program you can usually do this within a few minutes by searching on Google.

Do a search for “Industry Name Affiliate Program” This will bring up a lot of different independent products you can sell as an affiliate.

Finding the “Right” affiliate product to sell to our audience is KEY. High Relevance between an audience and a product will produce sales and make you money! Lack of relevancy will only cost you money, time and energy without any financial benefit. So, focus on relevancy when choosing audiences and products to promote via Article Marketing.

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