Article Marketing Guide- How To Write An Article


How To Write An Article

Article Marketing Guide- lesson 6

Let’s make Wealthy Affiliate The example and case study here.

For most, writing articles is the most time consuming part of the process, but it doesn’t have to take you hours and hours to write a single article and fully optimize it. In lesson 1 we talked about researching and finding an audience. When writing an article you will leverage that research.writing articles-

All articles need to be written with a certain audience, and more specifically, keyword phrases in mind. The purpose of writing an article for a particular keyword phrase is so that you can get listed in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN under those “exact” keywords.

When writing an article you can break the process down into a few simple tasks:

  1. Selecting the keyword phrases that you want to focus on
  2. Outlining the layout of your article into topics
  3. Optimizing the keyword density

Selecting Keyword Phrases

During the research phase you will have researched keyword phrases that have low competition in the search engines. You want to select one of these keyword phrases to write your article on. Start by determining a topic to write about. Let’s use the keyword phrase “”join wealthy affiliate university” (approx. 1,300 quoted results).

Each article that you write should have a minimum of 1 keyword phrase that you focus the article on. Remember, this keyword phrase should have less than 5,000 natural listings in Google so that your article will have a good chance of getting listed on the first page.

There are many different ways of writing your articles. Some people prefer to write their articles in MS Word, or even using Note Pad, there is a special tool here at WA for Article marketers. This tool is called Rapid Writer and it will help you optimize your articles for best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance. Before continuing, open the Rapid Writer tool right here within Wealthy Affiliate.

Click Here to Launch Rapid Writer

Upon creating your article within Rapid Writer you have a blank canvas that you can use to start writing your article. The easiest way to get started is to Layout the article into paragraphs or topics that you wish to discuss:

  • Headline: Write a Catchy Headline that includes the Keyword Phrase you are targeting
  • What is Wealthy Affiliate
  • Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate
  • How will Wealthy Affiliate help
  •  Personal thoughts about the program
  •  How to join Wealthy Affiliate

These are examples of 5 paragraphs that we can write about. Go ahead and put these into Rapid Writer so that you have a skeleton of what the article will look like.

Note- Wealthy affiliate registration is free and entitles you to 2 free websites and many training tools for zero cost.

Optimizing Keyword Density

Before you start writing content, you need to setup your Keyword Density watch. Rapid Writer tracks the keyword density of these keywords as you type. This will help you keep your keyword density optimized for the search engine spiders. Keeping your keyword density between 1% and 2% is optimal. You don’t want to be too much higher than this otherwise the search engines may categorize your article as being keyword spam.

Click here for a full tutorial on how to use Rapid Writer

Below is a sample article that focuses on the keyword phrase “wealthy affiliate marketing community” (only 1 natural listing at the time of writing). outlined is the important aspects you should focus on when writing articles.

Sample Article Body Break Down

Inside the Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Community

The heading of the article uses the exact keyword phrase that the article focuses on.

If you have spent any time researching Internet marketing programs online you will know about the Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Community. Wealthy Affiliate is an online training facility that teaches people how to make money online using the latest tested and proven Internet marketing techniques and strategies. If you are wanting to learn how to make money on the Internet, a great place to learn how to get started is the Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Community.

You do not need your own website, product, or business. All you need to do is learn how to send online visitors to company websites where you are paid when those visitors make purchases.

This is then followed by a couple paragraphs that focus on relevancy and connecting emotionally with the visitor. You want to prelude your article and grab the attention of your visitors here.

Don’t be afraid to drop a link within your opening paragraphs. Your visitor’s attention span is at it’s highest point at this stage. (Don’t over do it with too many links though)

Here’s why the Wealthy Affiliate marketing community will greatly benefit you. First of all, the tutorials and guides available to you have been written by Kyle and Carson themselves and are based on their own success as Internet marketers. You have the benefit of learning from REAL marketers who have implemented and succeeded using the exact techniques you will learn.

There are many tools offered within the Wealthy Affiliate marketing community that will make your job a heck of a lot easier. From keyword research tools, to an online website builder, to click tracking and analytics systems, you will have access to an array of “helpers” that will make your job easier.
Discussing how a product/service will benefit someone further connects with them on an emotional level. Why will the material at Wealthy Affiliate benefit someone more than a tutorial somewhere else? Because the material is tried and tested by Kyle & Carson. The benefit is that the content is “REAL” and it works.

Upon joining, you’ll see that the Wealthy Affiliate marketing community is unlike any online training facility you’ve seen before. Where else can you interact, work with, and learn from many other successful marketers? Not to mention you have the ability to ask for personal coaching and support from the owners Kyle and Carson (you won’t find this anywhere else online).
Outlining the culture, or what to expect can again help someone determine that this is the “Right” choice for them.

I’ve been a member of the Wealthy Affiliate marketing community for nearly 12 months, and I personally vouch for the program. I have been able to build a consistent monthly income stream of ??? USD every month based on a few “FREE” techniques I have learned so far. The best part is that these techniques are FREE to implement. They don’t cost me a dime, so every penny I make is 100% profit.

I spent the time to build a good base of knowledge from the tutorials and guides that are available. I then implemented that knowledge and built my first Internet marketing campaigns using the tools and resources within the members area.

I believe strongly that Wealthy Affiliate marketing program is the only training program that you need to learn how to make money online.
Personal review and experience with the product.

Guess what? I want to help you succeed too! If you join Wealthy Affiliate using the link below, please email me at I’ve got a package of red hot keywords that I want to give you to help you get started!

You are going to be able to utilize these hot keyword phrases immediately upon joining. The first part of your training at Wealthy Affiliate will teach you exactly how to do this. Kyle and Carson helped me when I joined the Wealthy Affiliate marketing community, and I want to help you.



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