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Researching Keywords

Article Marketing Guide- lesson 4

Before you write an article, you should determine whether or not there is potential to receive traffic, how much competition you are up against, and which keywords to optimize to get maximum results. There are several ways you can search for keyword niches.writing articles-

Analyzing Competition With Google

To determine whether a keyword is competitive or not, you should go to Google and check out how many search results come up under any particular keyword. You do this by typing in your search using “…” (quotes) as this will grab the results for the EXACT search phrase.

Here is an example search:

“wealthy affiliate university”

At the time when this was written, there were 680 results retrieved from this search in Google. A good rule of thumb is to aim for keywords where the results are less than 5000. This will make it easier to get your keywords listed as you will have much less competition to deal with. A keyword like “make money” has over 40,000,000 results. What do you think your chances are of getting your “make money” optimized article listed under this search term?  So, focus on lower competition keywords.

The next thing you will want to do is take a look at the top ranked natural listings under the search term. If the sites on the first page of natural listings have a lower page rank than the article site you are going to submit to, you have a very good chance of getting listed on the first page. To determine page rank you can either download the Google Toolbar at:

Or you can use this tool:

Google Page Rank Tool

Analyzing traffic with the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Research Tool
If you want to perform some keyword research, you should take advantage of the Keyword Research tool offered at Wealthy Affiliate. You can access this tool from the icon at the top of your Wealthy Affiliate dashboard. The keyword tool grabs search results from Google and will outline the competition and the keyword traffic volume, as well as allowing you to dig down and find more targeted, less competitive keywords.

Some keywords like “How to make money” are way too broad to create an article around. This is because it’s an extremely popular keyword and thousands of sites are already listed under it. Instead, you should focus on writing articles for more relevant keywords that are not as competitive. For example, you will be able to achieve top rankings if you promote under the term “making money as an affiliate” as there are just over 900 results!

Without having to do a TON of research, you can find terms that are high volume but have limited competition if you look for keywords that pertain to brand new products.

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