Article Marketing Guide- Setting Your Goals


Stay on Schedule & Set Goals

Article Marketing Guide- lesson 8

Article marketing does take too much work work, and in order to succeed at it you need to set goals. Set aside enough time during the day to write 1-2 articles and by the end of the month you will potentially have 25-45 articles bringing you in traffic (and hopefully sales). writing articles- affiliatesbootcamp.comThe advantages of article marketing are that you do not have to be a professional to write an article, and it is FREE!

Rinse and Repeat (You’ll get Faster)

The more articles you write, the faster and better at it you will become. The first couple of articles that anyone writes take hours to research, write the content, and publish the article on the web. However, as you rinse and repeat the process, you will become better and faster.

Don’t be discouraged as you get started because the search engines love new content and they have built their systems so that people like you can get your pages listed for free. Remember, without good content, the search engines wouldn’t exist.

Use the techniques from within this tutorial and you’ll be getting free traffic to your affiliate links and websites in no time.

… And Finally…

If you are new to Internet marketing and have a limited budget, article marketing is one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with important marketing fundamentals such as research, copywriting, and building pages. It will allow you to generate income that you can use to fund your advertising campaigns (PPC or otherwise).

We must point out that article marketing is not “guaranteed”, especially with all the changes that Google and other search engines make to their ranking algorithms. Don’t rely on just one article to bring you all your sales. Keep consistent with your article marketing and you will be much more likely to be successful with it.

People who write a single article and play the waiting game will end up frustrated and will fall behind others who follow a schedule and who stay focused. Article marketing and getting free traffic requires persistence, so get going and start writing your first articles today!


SAM Ammouri

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