Best Way To Promote Wealthy Affiliate & Make More Money

Best Way To Promote Wealthy Affiliate Is To Have Your Own Domain

By Sam Ammouri

Sam Ammouri

Many folks wrote me that they are somewhat not sure as to what type of domain they should choose when promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

As you know by now Wealthy Affiliate offers 2 type of memberships,

  • a free one with 2 free websites and training
  • and a premium with monthly fees- gets all benefits

As mentioned above the free membership gets you 2 free websites that you can use whichever way you want including promoting WA, and with the premium membership you get really endless benefits- click here to see details of both memberships.

So…. Should you use one of the free websites to promote WA?…

See below what I did with my both free websites…

Airsoft Guns

Citizen watches

Or Should you choose something that is keyword rich or something that is brandable.

Or Should you choose something that is targeted at a specific aspect of WA (web development, keyword research), or should be you be more generalized with your domains –  (earning money online – online marketing – web business)?

My answer is… It’s all up to you. I usually would choose something that is brandable and memorable because ANY websites content can and will get ranked.

I also do suggest you consider having your own domain if you are going to plan on making an honest attempt at promoting WA… It will lead to more success AS It gives you full control and you will be building an asset here.

So when you are ready to commit and get serious about the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate, I suggest you…

  1. become a premium member if you aren’t already
  2. pick up a domain.You will not regret this.

If you have  any questions about domains for promoting Wealthy Affiliate, I would be more than happy to help you out.

Always your friend

Sam Ammouri