Tips To Increase Your Commission Chances Marketing Online

How To Increase Your Commission Chances Marketing Online

If you are one of my dedicated visitors then I’m taking it for granted you read my SEO blog I wrote a few days earlier – because if you have then you will now have some knowledge about how you should work with keywords.

You have to do your best to get people to stay on your page and read some more of your content so that google and other search engines grant it a high ranking. When people stay longer on your page to read, that time is recorded by search engine’s Analytics such as Google,  and of course the longer the time the better the ranking, especially with Google.

I heard the other day from an email sent to me from an SEO site that Google has a term for this called ‘Dwell Time’ this simply means visitor’s time spent on your website page.

If a visitor spends a long time on your page, Google will be pleased with that and turn more people to your pages.

May be now you are asking yourself how you can improve on this and get an even higher ranking.

Well,  I have two tips for you below

1. Try Getting your content above the fold

Tips To Increase Your Commission Chances Marketing Online

Let’s explain this…

The Above the fold idea was first used to describe the placement of content on a newspaper’s front page. The paper’s headline and lead stories are placed on the portion of the front page that remains visible to the reader when the paper is folded horizontally for display on news stands.

How To Increase Your Commission Chances Marketing Online

For those who still don’t know what this means…  It means…

  • that you get rid of large images (including Header ones)
  • Show a good piece of text that at least contains eye catching words, title and headline.
  • Tell the people what to expect and they will stay. The majority wont if all they can see is an image consuming the screen. A quick glance and they are off. Grab their attention with your Great Title and Article’s Headline.

When visitors see a big bulky image above the fold, they only have two options, to scroll back or leave and from my experience the majority will leave.

To be on the right track make sure that you don’t have large images or ads forcing your content below the fold. Again,  at the very least have some text showing. This is also very important especially for mobile devices.

2. Break Up Your Content In smaller segments

So often when I’m asked to review a site for evaluation I see huge chunks of text and I just get that feel to want to exit right away and never come back. Its really boring man, I can assure you I am not the only one thinking this because nothing chases readers away faster than huge blocks of text they know they will have to read through before they get down to the real stuff. So short paragraphs folks.

Look at this below, would you read this? I won’t!

chunky text

Therefore… break your content down into easily readable segments and insert relevant images.

Hope this was of a great help to you in increasing your chances of more conversions. Need more help on this? please write me below for my swift answers.

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Pinterest Social Media Marketing & More Traffic To Your Website

Using Pinterest Social Media For Marketing & More Traffic To Your Website

Using Pinterest Social Media For Marketing & More Traffic To Your Website

One of my favourite social media platforms for traffic and marketing is Pinterest, the reason is the amount of traffic I have received since I opened my account.

Pinterest social media is relatively new but has fast become popular since its launch in 2012, primarily used by people looking for ideas for particular projects and in my opinion a far superior visual aid social board,  you can find virtually anything on here and save it to one of your board publicly or you can even have a secret board for yourself.

I personally like pinterest social platform for adding my latest posts to as most people are visual by nature and if chosen well that image will draw interest on the Pinterest community and yes increased traffic and conversions for your business.

I have used Pinterest social media more than any other social media platform since my websites went live and the amount of traffic I get is simply awesome!

The Start

You’ll need an account which is really very simple to do and only takes a few minutes to set up. Once that is done you can then start to set up your boards.

What is a Pinterest Board?

The Boards are where you save a particular interest you have and that could be anything from, sporting,  gardening, the latest fashion to home décor ideas. I would suggest you decide on A few topics you love and build the boards with at least 6 pins within the board.

Pinterest Social Media Marketing & More Traffic To Your Website

Your main board should be related to your website niche where you can post all your latest posts or pages to it as it is the Platform where you are showing the readers what you are all about and what you’re offering.  Publish all your posts and pages on here and make sure this board is the first your visitors here will see.

Start Pinning

You’ve just established your Pinterest page, the next step is to search for posts for your boards and follow people who regularly post about this same subject and pin to your relevant board. It is that easy. You will find after a very short time that you start to build a following and the density of that depends on how often you pin.

One final thing I’d love to mention is that some members may ask if you’d like to collaborate and this has the added advantage of more exposure for your website.

There really is no major mystery to Pinterest and it’s a simple and effective way to gain traffic.

Using Pinterest Social Media For Marketing & to gain More Traffic To Your Website will absolutely make a difference.

Happy Pinning – Happy more traffic and conversions to your website.

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Five Important Tips To Get Dramatic Results With Your Online Business

Little Things you May do to get Real results in your online business

When  you keep doing the same boring things you’ve been doing over and over, you’ll keep getting the same old results you’re sick of. Why Don’t you do things differently now and get different results!Five Important Tips To Get Dramatic Results With Your Online Business

Here are a few things you may follow to make a dramatic change

1.  Select one area of your business and super-focus on boosting it five times what you’ve been doing with it.

For example, if you dig writing and that’s one area you can boost five times, do it! and Watch the explosive results.

2. Drum up the baldness in your selling 25% higher!

Get more aggressive selling and marketing your offers and stop letting “what others think” out there stop you…

3.  Get more public!

You’ve got to be visible in your market to get attention, and without attention, it’s hard to convert. Start getting some visibility going on and watch your results explode.

4. Upgrade your system.

If you are making 15k per month and want to make 100k, you cannot get there from there. You cannot take a 15k system and make 100k per month with it. You need a 100k per month system, which is slightly new and improved over your 10k per month system. In other words, you need a better upgrade.

5.  High ticket offers.

Most online marketers only deal with worthless cheap offers. In fact, they only deal with cheap period. everything that is cheap. Cheap traffic, offers, affiliates, cheap graphics, cheap salesletters, cheap tools, mindsets, friends and peers, cheap mentors, cheap…cheap…cheap Everything seems to be cheap.

And Guess what they get in return for being cheap?

Cheap & worthless results.

Start Going high ticket for a change instead and go for more affluent customers and clients. It’s so much better and it’s like leaving the mess and bickering and haters and toxic people and switching over to the smart, positive, ambitious and constructive, productive people.

If you are very unhappy with your online business, it’s likely because your customers are cheap and toxic. You need to change your mindset yourself if you want to attract your ideal customers and clients. Your customers will mirror you!

If a marketer is cheap and toxic, then guess what kind of customers and followers he is going to attract? Upgrade yourself to upgrade your customers and success.

The One Point…

Five Important Tips To Get Dramatic Results With Your Online Business

The one point that stood out the most and I loved was the part where he mentions stop worrying about what other people think.

In fact, it’s been a long time since I stopped worrying what other people thought and guess what? I have zero stress. Because honestly I could care less what people think of me or of what I’m doing.

I simply go about my business.

All I care about is to grow and build my business and do it with honor and integrity. And even by doing so I seem to piss some people off.

Well who cares about those losers , I sure don’t. I have zero tolerance for toxic negative poor whoa is me people.

Hope this would help you take the right decision about your business and yourself.

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Nowadays,  It’s very hard to find any real programs that teach you how to build a business online without chasing you to the last dollar in your wallet. Here’s the program that has helped me earn a full time living online and enabled me to quit looking for jobs in just 11 short months. Check It Out Here!


Sam Ammouri

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Sam Ammouri

Help In writing Your First Website Post

How To Write Your First Website Post

Help In writing Your First Website Post

Now that you’ve decided on your niche subject and eager to get things going. The first thing you may struggle with when writing is organizing your thoughts and putting pen to paper.

What i am sharing with here you is not re-inventing the wheel, but simply passing on what i have learnt since the past 3 year of website life.

This is my personal guide on how to organize your plan.

  • Creating an idea list
  • Build on your list
  • Writing your article
  • Proof reading and finalizing

The most annoying thing I faced when I started to create my first website was I had ideas coming and going all the time but never really organized them and so caused me no end of stress trying to remember them all.

Create a list

Help In writing Your First Website Post

For your post start with one idea and write it down, from there you can expand the list for example;

If your choice niche is something like a parenting blog, make a list around one topic –

  • Play with your child
  • Teething
  • Sleeping patterns
  • Nappy rash
  • Toddler tantrums
  • Disciplining your child

Let’s pick toddler tantrums as your post subject,  make a list associated with this subject.

  • Playing
  • Hitting
  • Screaming
  • Sulking
  • Answering back
  • The triggers

The effects of the behaviour

Now you have a subject and sub headings to work from, under each heading list 3 things relating to that heading

  • Hitting
  • Why did they hit
  • What triggered that
  • Explain why hitting is bad
  • Screaming
  • Sulking
  • Answering back
  • The triggers
  • What to do
  • Effects of the behavior

Now you’ve seven sub headings each with three sub topics,  a total of 28 areas that you can cover in your post, give this a try and you will be surprised how much you can write about.

With your subject laid out in the last section, write for the next 20 or 30 minutes without interruption, this may sound easier said than done but it actually helps you with tow things.

The first being producing written content in a short space of time and will prove invaluable as you progress, and the second is your writing skills will improve quickly through continued post writing and before you know it you will be article after article at a quicker paste.

Such is labeled as speed writing, now don’t be tempted to correct any misspellings or grammar,  simply write and By the end of that 20 or 30 minutes you will have in front of you is your first post

Before rushing to the Publish button, i recommend that you read through the post and make sure the grammar is corrected and make full use of the spell check tool.

Tweak the the paragraphs and insert any necessary media into the page that enhance the page for a better user experience.

Go ahead and publish ( don’t worry much if you have published and found an error its very easily rectified )..

Hope this post has given you the needed insight into writing your first website’s post and look forward to hearing your success stories.


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Nowadays,  It’s very hard to find any real programs that teach you how to build a business online without chasing you to the last dollar in your wallet. Here’s the program that has helped me earn a full time living online and enabled me to quit looking for jobs in just 11 short months. Check It Out Here!


Your Pal

Sam Ammouri

Sam Ammouri- owner

Easy Steps To SEO Your Websites And Blogs

The Few Steps That Make All the difference To SEO Your Site/Blog

Easy Steps To SEO Your Websites And Blogs

Hello folks its Christmas Day and I should be stuffing myself with beef, pies and maybe a slice or two of whole wheat Bun but once I get a thought or idea into my head I have to get it down on paper. So here it the scoop.

A few of my dear members member asked me the other day that because they just could not understand SEO so wouldn’t it not be better to just hire someone to do it for them.

Of course we all can but why do this when It really is so easy to do the work done by SEO companies yourself because all you have to do is create good habits.

So let’s get to it. These 9 points below are the ones we should focus on the most:

  1. Keywords
  2. URL Text
  3. Description, Meta tags
  4. Title tags
  5. Image Names
  6. ALT tags
  7. Heading tags
  8. Content
  9. Hyperlinks

1. Keywords

The perfect Keywords are the most important aspect of SEO, this is where you tell the Search Engines what your site is all about. Search Engines use an algorithm to determine the “Keyword Density” of your site, this formula is:

The Total post Words ÷ Keywords = Keyword Density,

Use this formula at all times.

Do your most best to use keywords that relate to the products or services that you are offering on your website.

However, most people don’t search with just one word, they type phrases, so you should consider the phrases that best suit your sites demographic. The most important thing to remember is that the content of each page on your site is different, so only use keywords pertaining to that particular page.

2. URL Text

Upon naming name a new post or page you have the option to call it anything you could possibly think of, why not se a keyword? After all, the URL address is the first things a search engine comes across when indexing your pages. You have to remember content doesn’t come easy to everyone, so you have got to slip in your keywords when the process allows you an easy one.

3. Description Meta tags

Meta tags are slowly decreasing in importance since a lot of Search Engines are now looking at content, but still worth getting right.

It won’t be a bad idea to Optimize your meta tags to match your content, products, and services, and the Search Engines that still look at meta data will reward your efforts.

4. Title Tags

These are the tags that tell the Search Engine the title, or formal description of the document or page. This is the word or phrase that is seen at the top of the browser window. The most important rule about title tags is, don’t place anything in the title tags but keywords. Once again this is a good time to slip in your keywords.

5. Image Names

Here is another opportunity for you to slip in your keywords whenever possible, this applies to image names, and make sure the keywords are relevant. The Search engine will look at the code for the site and see the image pertains to the content of the site and this will be another relevant element on that particular page.

6. ALT Tags

Alt tags are keywords that you can attach to your images. Search Engines can’t analyze the content of the image itself so this is another opportunity for you to slip in more keywords without writing great content.

7. Heading Tags

These tags are associated with the bold font that leads into a section of text.

Like this: Build Your Own blog

Wealthy Affiliate offers custom website designs…

Your heading tags should only be keywords, and should be presented in the order that your Meta tags follow.

H1= first meta tag, H2= second meta tag and so on up to H6.

Try to utilize all 6 heading tags on each page to ensure maximum page optimization.

8. Content

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, “Content is King.” Each web page should have at least 500 words, and the more the better, but keep in mind…

The formula for keyword density = You don’t want to fill a page with 1,500 words of gibberish and only 6 keywords in it.

Some people use images with text in them instead because they want a cool font, but browsers can’t read the text embedded in images, so this content doesn’t  add ANY weight to the page in a Search Engines perspective.

Linkbaiting is a new trend among high ranking sites. This means writing quality content, or articles that other web sites can display on their pages as long as they give credit, and a link to your site.

You don’t have to be a heavy duty author to write good web content, just be thoughtful of how you word things and get your keywords through it.

9. Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are text links to other pages on your site. The rules of SEO and hyperlinks are as follows:

Use hyperlinks so the Search Engine will have a text link to follow to the next page, try not to use one word links, use long link phrases, preferably keyword phrases Use bullets, or some sort of small image that you can attach an ALT tag to, this will ad more importance to the link, and throw in a couple of free keywords for your site.

Try to keep the above aspects in mind when designing a site and you’re sure to have the edge over your competition.

Have a great day and happy new 2016.

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Your pal

Sam Ammouri

Can You Really Make Money with Etsy

Does Etsy Worth Your Time & Efforts To Make Money

By Sam Ammouri


Etsy is home to more than 800,000 shops ran by sellers who make all sorts of things like clothing, jewelry, music and more.

With handmade PRODUTS in every category imaginable, shoppers can find just about NYTHING they want at Etsy.

This is a great marketplace for crafters to connect with buyers who may be interested in their handmade items.

Etsy was founded in 2005, but didn’t really shine until 2009. That’s when Etsy received $620,000 in funding from investors, which attracted thousands of crafters who made the choice to sell their goods on Etsy’s marketplace.

So let’s take a look at if you can still make money with Etsy, how much, and how.

Can You Truly Make Money With Etsy?

There are enough stories of Etsy sellers that are doing well, selling thousands of products, but how can you know for sure?

Unless, an Etsy seller is willing to share their information, there’s no real way to know for sure how successful or unsuccessful they are.

Or may be the clever way to tell is to simply visit random Etsy shops and check their sales numbers. If you are considering selling your own handmade items on Etsy, you should visit shops in the category you want to sell in.


All shops hosted on Etsy has information listed so buyers can learn about the shop and its owners, read reviews, and more importantly the number of sales the shop has acquired.

Here is an example…

can you make monet with etsy

You can clearly see that this shop was built in 2014, and has made three-hundred thirty-four sales since then.

Now you can look at the price of all their items to come up with an average price. That should give you a pretty good idea how much money they are making.

So, if you are curious about Etsy shops in a certain category, just find the best selling shops in that category, then look on the left side of their page for the information.

You can brouse Etsy and see lots of shops with thousands of sales listed, so I think it’s safe to say that YES, it is possible to make money with Etsy.

How Much Money Can You Make with Etsy?

You can easily find this at CraftCount, a website that collects information about Etsy sales, we are able to see many of the top selling shops on Etsy, according to country, category and date.

See the overall, top selling Etsy shops for today’s date, (11/11/15) based purely on sales, not category or country.

can you make money with etsy 2

You can see a shop called BohemianFindings sits at the top of the list with more than one-thousand sales the previous day.

Things to Consider Before Joining

The first thing you should consider is that all three shops we featured above were not instant successes. They all started at roughly the same time.

They had to work for years before they saw any success at all. This is true for most businesses, but just I just mean to temper expectations here.

With almost one-million shops on Etsy, competition is fierce, and certainly not ideal for anyone hoping to jump in and make a lot of money right away.

Consider some of these caveats before jumping into the craft yard.

1. Storing

Most handmade goods require an extensive amount of care. If you make soap, for example, you can’t just make a batch and throw it in your garage for two or 3 months waiting for it to sell. Do that, and you could lose your entire inventory, and all your hard work is gone.

2. Packaging/Shipping

Packaging and shipping items costs money and takes time. When most new businesses start to grow, they usually find that this is their bottleneck. A growing business is a good thing, but if you don’t plan, hire and budget for packing and shipping then any growth you might have seen will be instantly stunted, and probably stopped.

3. Factory-Like Production of Crafts

There is a real difference between making a few cool items and shipping them to happy customers for pocket money, and creating a full time business shipping thousands of hand-made crafts every month.

4. Marketing

After creating, packing and storing your items, you still have to find time and money to market your business. Etsy does not do this for you. That’s a common misconception. An Etsy shop is part of a marketplace that may or may not come up in the searches shoppers perform while inside Etsy.

At Etsy- You Don’t Own Your Shop!!!

Etsy has the power to remove any shop at anytime.

Imagine building a successful business that was stripped out from under suddenly. Not a good feeling. Unfortunately it happens all the time with sites like Etsy, Facebook, YouTube and many others.

Anytime you build on a buisiness you don’t own,  you run the risk of losing it all, at any minute. People — even your competition — can put you out of business with a few simple complaints.

This is probably the biggest reason to avoid building a business that relies on a marketplace controlled by others.

Final Thougts?

Being a business owner means making smart decisions. Too often, new entrepreneurs jump on what’s easy, cheap or trendy. I advice you to avoid such traps. Make smart decisions that will pay off in the future.

While Etsy boasts being home to more than 800,000 shops, it is rumored that only half of them are active. To be active in Etsy requires selling at least one item within the last twelve months.

If you want to make money in the crafts market, why not start out simple? You can start as affiliate and sell crafts from Etsy, Amazon, or any other retailer.

Affiliates don’t have to worry about making, shipping or storing items. I’m an affiliate for some of my favorite companies and I enjoy making a percentage of every sale without ever touching a product. You could do the same thing.

You can start a website for less than $10, become an affiliate for your favorite stores, and build an income that supports you and allows you the time to make your own things.

Being an affiliate is the best way to make money online in my opinion. It’s cheap to start which means low financial risk. There’s no inventory to store, no items to ship, and you have the freedom to grow your business at your own pace. I started back in 2012, and now I do it full time.

Like me, you can join Wealthy Affiliate to learn more about becoming a successful affiliate with a free starter membership that includes 24/7 live chat, 1,000s of members and I’ll be there to help you along the way.


Sam Ammouri

Commission Gorilla Review-Can You Really Make Money With It

Commission Gorilla-What Is It ?-Can You Really Make Money With it?

By Sam Ammouri


The Truth Behind Commission Gorilla-Get The Facts In My ReviewProduct Name: Commission Gorilla

Product Creators: Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson

Type Of Product: Software

 Product Price: $49+Many Upsells &Downsells

Product Support: Helpdesk/ Forum

Product Overall Rating: 3 Stars Out Of A 5 Star Rating

What Is Commission Gorilla And How Can It Help You As An Affiliate Marketer?

Lets uncover the truth and see…

Commission Gorilla, is basically a sales page builder that comes with everything you need to design professional landing pages, sales pages with the ability to implement bonuses right into your sales pages with ease.

Product owners Jeremy and Simon have teamed up with Promote Labs and Media Crate to create a software program that lets you design full blown sales pages and create an  awesome  landing pages within minutes by using their simple drag and drop feature.

The claim is that by using their software you will begin making up to 5x more commissions and boost your revenue by implementing this software on your current site/blog. Does Commission gorilla  live up to these speculations or does it fall through the cracks?

What is the good about this?

Unlike much other software programs, there were…

  •  No paid actors,
  • No rented mansions,
  • NO gurus driving their rented million dollar sports cars telling you that you could make a million dollars overnight in auto pilot

I also good to know that you can use this software for virtually any niche or affiliate program that you are already affiliated with. You can have a professional sales page setup within minutes using their drag and drop feature which is awesome.

Commission Gorilla is offered at a fair price and I feel that what you are offered is actually worth your money. They also did a great job of walking you through the setup process and showing you how to setup your first campaign.

You are also offered a 60-day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with their software program for any reason. This is one of the very few products on the affiliate network that seems to be legit.

What I’m not comfortable with

Commission Gorilla does not offer a free trial or a way for you to try out the system without giving out your credit card details. While this product just launched on Nov 9th, they may offer some kind of free trial package in the near future, that is left to be seen.

I also found numerous upsells  as I was reviewing this software and this usually does not score very well on my chart.

What annoy me the most…

annoyed me

Is when you try to buy a program like this or invest into a make money online opportunity and before you even get to the members area you are hit with a ton of upsells and then if you decline, you get hit with a stream down sells. I usually quit and never look back.

If you are a newbie to the online business world and don’t happen to have any affiliate products and you aren’t actively involved in affiliate marketing then you won’t find much use for this software.

Whom Is Commission Gorilla is good for?

This program is suitable for affiliate marketers who already have affiliate offers up and running and who are looking to increase their sales volume and earn more revenue by offering bonuses to their customers.

If you are a beginner and just getting started online I wouldn’t recommend this program as a good starting point.

Looking For A beginner Friendly Program Geared More Towards Beginners With NO Experience Online? Checkout My #1 Recommendation Here

What is the price to get Started?

You can get started with their $49 basic package which includes everything you need to get your software up and running. The $69 and $79 pro packages offer more bonus pages and features you won’t find in the basic version.

The Annoying Upsells of this program

Upsell 1- $99 25 bonus packs that are added onto your account along with 2 extra bonuses added each month for a period of 12 months.

Upsell 2- $69 25 bonus packs added to your account one time only.

Upsell 3- $99 Black dragon bypass system + advanced affiliate private training videos

Upsell 4- $497 10 done for you membership sites already set up and ready to make you money + an email list building training program.


If you turn down these offers you will be presented with a downsell which is essentially being offered the same product at a cheaper price.

My Final Words on Commission Gorilla

For affiliate marketers who are looking to increase their sales and overall revenue and already have an established business then I think your business could benefit from this piece of software and I’d  stay completely away from the upsells associated with this program though because they completely worthless and a waste of your time and money.

If you are just getting started online, I honestly wouldn’t recommend this program for newbies as there are Far Better Programs out there that will teach you how to get started with zero experience and show you how to build a thriving business online.

I hope this review has helped everyone out and that I have been able to provide you with the information needed for you to make a sound decision as to whether Commission Gorilla would be a good fit for you or not.


Your Friend, Sam Ammouri

What Is You really Make Money Reviewing Phone Calls? – & The Real Truth About Making Money With This Program

humanatic can you make money with this program

Company Name: Humanatic

Website URL:

Start Price: Free

Company Owner: Century Interactive

Provided Training: None

Overall Rating: 2/12 Stars Out Of 5

What Is Humanatic?  Can anyone actually Make Money With Such program?

Humanatic hatched through a company called Century Interactive which recruits other people to listen, review, and critique, customer phone calls for accuracy and then sort them into a proper category. I’m sure most of you received a phone call or called a business and heard the operator say this call is being recorded for quality assurance, chances are it was Humanatic.

Humanaic has been around for quite a few years and are a well known company. You make money by signing up as an independent contractor and reviewing calls from a variety of different businesses for quality and accuracy.

You’ll be paid on a per call basis. As your accuracy gets better, you will unlock higher paying jobs and have the opportunity to earn more money for each call and category you unlock.No experience IS needed as long as you can follow instructions

Once You Join?

Your task will be listening to phone calls and tagging them by category. Like I said above, as your accuracy gets better, you’ll unlock higher paying jobs and gain access to more categories. You need to be a really good listener and be able to follow instructions to qualify for this job. You also need to pay close attention to details and catch on fast.

Who’ll Benefit The Most From Humanatic?

This opportunity is ideal for stay at home moms and dads to make extra money in their spare time. This is also a great way for  college kids to make some extra spending money. If you are looking to make a full time income from this, let me be the first to tell you, this is not going to happen with this program. However, there are other programs online that will teach you how to build an online business that will produce a full time income.

The pros of this program

  • Humanatic is a legit company
  • Free to get started
  • An easy work  for stay at home moms and dads looking to make extra money
  • The program Doesn’t require you to call people or talk on the phone

The Cons

  • low payouts(Some jobs pay as low as 1.1 cents).
  • No training . You’ll need to guide yourself through the process and listen to the samples you are provided with.
  • You’ll be easily penalized and have categories taken away from you for the smallest mistakes.
  • The assignments aren’t consistent and they seem to run out of jobs pretty quickly

Check Out The my #1 recommended Program Here

The price To Get Started?

It’s free to get started with Humanatic and surprisingly there are no upsells or down sells that I saw when I was reviewing the company. The only thing they require is that you have a Paypal account to get paid.

There is a $10 payment threshold that you’ll need to meet before they’ll issue a payment to you. The payout is every Monday.

Now How Much Money Can You Make?

If you are truly good at listening and picking out key items in phone calls and organizing them into the right category you possibly could make some decent money with Humanatic.

Since a large portion of their jobs pays so little you’ll find it really hard to make any kind of good money with them. While other people have made over $100 a month with this while there are others who struggle to make even $8 a month.

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Is there any support?

Support at humantic comes in the form of a forum. You can ask any questions you have here or browse their forum first to see if your question has already been answered.

You also have access to a FAQ page where you can get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

My Final Thoughts

Regardless to the fact that Humanatic is a legit and it’s definitely not a scam, it’s also not something I could recommend if you are looking to earn a full time living from. If you are a stay at home mom looking to earn some extra money from home in your spare time then I think this company could be an ideal for you.

If you would rather spend your time and energy building a long term sustainable online business that will grow over time, there are places online that will teach you how to do just that.

The million dollar question here is, would you rather make dollars or pennies?

This is the question you need to ask yourself before applying to this company.  Personally, I would rather spend my time building something of value, instead of wasting my time only to make a couple cents for each call.

I hope this review has helped everyone out today and has given you the information needed to make a sound decision as to whether this could be a good fit for you or not.

If you have any thoughts or questions please leave them for me below



Sam Ammouri

Google Analytics To Increase Website Conversions

How To Use Google Analytics To Increase Website Conversions


amazing things you can do with google analytice 5

Google analytic 5 is a genius program with a bunch of advantages and improvements. Here are some of the many amazing things you can do with Google Analytics 5 that will help you get the most out of your analytics information and use it to improve your website’s content, conversions, user experience and many more.

Pinpoint which online campaigns bring the most traffic and conversions.

If you have you been curious which of your online marketing campaigns (anything from local search to social media marketing) are the most successful in terms of bringing traffic and conversions to your website? Then it’s time to look at your advanced segments.

To create an advanced segment, click on the Advanced Segments dropdown and then the New Custom Segment. If you wanted to track traffic from local search directories, then call your custom segment Local Search Profiles and start entering the sites you have profiles on such as for Google Places and for your Yelp listing.

Once you have entered all of the domains you want to track, you can preview the segment to ensure it is pulling the right data and then save the segment. To view it, click on the Advanced Segments, check the custom segment you want to view and click apply.

Now you can see all of your traffic and goal conversion data that arrives from those sources which will give you a good idea of what is working the best for your website. With the right custom segments, you can find out the ROI of your social media campaign as well as your other online marketing strategies.

The ability to see your most important analytics data first.

If there is one or more pieces of data you want to see at a glance every time you login to your analytics, be sure to set it up in the Dashboards area.

You can create multiple dashboards, each of which can contain multiple widgets. To create a new dashboard, simply go under Dashboards in the menu bar of your analytics and then select New Dashboard. Then add your widgets. You can choose from widgets that show you one particular metric, a pie chart comparing metrics, a timeline of one to two metrics, or a table showing a dimension with two specific metrics. Each type of widget can also be filtered.

The best part of the dashboards is you can change the date range and see all of your widgets update with that date range’s data. This is great if you want to see an overview of your stats for traffic, goal completions, and other metrics of your choosing all in one place.

Find where your best visitors are located.

Have you considered using advertising using Google, Facebook, StumbleUpon, or other services? If not, it might be a daunting task to determine who you should target during your ad setups. Many of them will ask if you want to focus on a specific country or target your ad worldwide.

With Google Analytics, you don’t have to fret any longer. Simply look under your Visitors menu to see the Location demographics of your visitors.

Now you have the ability to see your worldwide stats, including the average time on site and bounce rate of visitors from particular countries. You can also drill down to particular countries and see these stats as well as your goal conversion rates in particular regions.

And you will know the specific locations whose visitors bring you the most conversions. Targeting visitors in these locations with your ads will result in even more goal completions for your website.

Visualize what people click on the most.

Curious where people are making the most clicks on your site? In-Page Analytics under the Content menu will pull up your website in the Analytics browser with information on the percentage of clicks that have happened on each internal link on your site.

You can hover over each link to see additional details and click through to more pages on your site to see more details. This can help you visually see what areas of your site are the most popular, and help you identify where people are clicking on your site. So if you have a particular link you want visitors to see, you should be sure to place it in the areas of your website that receive the most clicks.

Learn what people are searching for on your site.

Most people know how to find the keywords that bring visitors to their sites from search engines. But how would you like to go beyond that to find out what visitors are searching once they are on your site?

If your website has a search box, go ahead and perform a search to see the URL of the search results. As an example, my blog’s search results URL is Once you have this for your site, click on the settings wheel icon in the top right corner of your Analytics menu bar and find your Profile Settings.

Under Site Search Settings, select the option to Do track Site Search and enter s as the query parameter (or the one that fits your site’s URL structure).

To see the results of this setup, go to the Content menu and the Site Search area. Under Usage, you can see what terms are being searched for, if visitors refined their search, continued browsing your site, or exited which will let you know if they are finding what they want. Under Pages, you can see which pages people are upon when they decide to use the search feature. When you click on each page, you can see what terms they searched for.

Site Search can help you determine if people are finding what they are looking for on your site. It can also give you ideas of which pages of your content need more specific information as well as the new content you can create on your site to further engage your visitors.

See your top content.

Want to know which pages keep your visitors on your website the longest, or have the lowest bounce rate? You can see this quickly by going under the Content menu and selecting Pages under Site Content.

This section can help you identify which pieces of content keep visitors on your site the longest and lead to them wanting to continue onto more pages on your site. This can help you produce more content that people will like in the future.

Uncover your badly performing pages.

A few items down in the content menu from your top pages are your top exit pages. This will tell you how many people are arriving and exiting on a particular page.

This is somewhat common for blogs as people are coming to find a particular piece of information and then leave (hopefully) satisfied. But for other websites, it may signify that people are not finding what they are looking for on that page and then leaving. This may mean that you need to evaluate your site’s content to ensure that visitors are finding what they want and getting a call to action so they get where you want them to be before they leave, such as subscribing to a mailing list or purchasing a product.

Discover if you need a mobile website.

Have you been wondering if you need a mobile version of your website? Find out by looking under the Visitors menu. There you will find a Mobile option where you can see all the way down to a specific device and the percentage of your total visits that are from a mobile device.

The key on this screen is looking at the average time on site and the bounce rate. If your average time on site is lower and the bounce rate is higher than your overall numbers, then you’ll know that you’re losing that much of your mobile traffic.

Pinpoint where people abandon the shopping cart.

Do you have a multiple step checkout process in your site? If so, you should setup a goal for your website using a Goal Funnel. To do so, click on the settings wheel icon and click on Goals. Create a new goal with the Goal Type of URL Destination.

After you enter the basic goal details, including the final URL of the checkout process (usually a thank you for your order page), then check the Use funnel box to enter each of the URLs that correspond to the steps a visitor must take when purchasing an item.

If you note a particularly high amount of people who exit on the payment page, you’ll know that you need to do some work in order to make that page more shopping friendly. Or if people exit before confirming their order, you’ll know that there is something missing that is making people not want to click that final button. Fixing these issues can lead to more sales in the long run!

Hope this was of a great help to you.

Now click here to learn more about analytics, build your own website for free and run your online dream business


Your pal

Sam Ammouri

Genius Marketing Pro-Legit Or Scam? Read My Review

Genius Marketing Pro-Legit Or Scam?

Product Name: genious marketing pro

Genius Marketing Pro

Product Owners:

Dwayne Golden Sr/Jr, Alex Costan, Stephen Gilbert

Advertised Price: $47/month

Rating: 40/100

What Is Genius Marketing Pro?

This is a complete “marketing suite” that includes an autoresponder, a lead page builder, lead/traffic analyzer, funnel creator, and hosting.

The idea behind that is for this to be one-stop-shop to build an online business.

Short Buzz

At a glance, Genius Marketing Pro sounds like a pretty good deal, and for the right buyer, just might be! However, it’s not something I would personally spend my money on, and I have several reasons why.

Before You Purchase

Of course, as when you buy any “make money online” product, there’s always a long list of other things to buy. Unfortunately, the product creators behind Genius Marketing Pro will ask you to spend another $77 and $97 to upgrade your product.

Here’s what they offer…

Upsell #1: $77

In this upsell, they offer an option for you to share your winning funnels with other people. This adds another potential layer to your business where you can create and sell funnels to clients.

Personally, I think it’s way too early in the game to invest in something like this. Wait until you are earning money, then start thinking of selling your tricks.

Upsell 2: $97

In this upsell, they want to sell you 5 “Done For You Funnels”. This will be attractive to anyone who has never built a funnel before, and this type stuff is targeted towards a “please do it for me” audience.

To be honest, I don’t believe in “done for you”. There’s usually very little proof that it actually works, or just one case study which may not apply to your niche or your audience.

What’s Good in This system?

The One-Stop-Shop Idea

Just The idea that you can create and run a full campaign in any niche from a single dashboard is pretty attractive & would be pretty awesome to be able to host, track clicks, send emails, create sales pages, and outsource ad copy all from one dashboard.

For someone with a solid idea of what they want to do with their business, this would be a useful too even though I don’t truly recommend this program.

What’s not good About it

Searching online for reviews of Genius Marketing Pro, I noticed that everyone who recommends it doesn’t actually use it. There are lots of videos, written reviews, and promos for it, but they all talk about how cool the features are…basically the same stuff you can see on their sales page.

Looking great and having cool features is one thing, but actually producing results is something completely different!

All I actually see from the positive reviews are people offering endless bonuses of crappy PDF guides on how to make money online that will no doubt sit on your desktop, unused till you delete them when you format your disk.

Too new to be proven

This is a brand new program, and it has no history of updates or satisfied users. Considering that it was created by internet marketing guys with several other ditched products under their belt, I sincerely doubt it will be around for long, or that it will be updated on a regular basis.

But if you are going to build your ENTIRE business on their platform, there has to be some kind of trust factor, yes? no?

So you are spending $47/month for the squeeze pages, lead tracking, hosting, and autoresponder. Well, if you order the services separately, with the most trusted online companies, you aren’t really paying that much more.

  • Autoresponder: $19/month
  •  Landing Pages + Content Builder $97 one time fee
  • Hosting: $10/month
  • Domain $11/year

So you’re basically looking at $39/month plus some other one time fees versus the constant $47/month for a similar service. Although not everything will be “in house”, you will get the BEST of each service, with trusted support teams and tons of excellent customer testimonials.

This is in contrast to some new guy on the block that has built their business on HYPE.

Too Many Options For beginners

I personally think there’s just too much to take in for a beginner. As someone that helps people build their first businesses online, I see the extreme confusion that newbies run into. People struggle with basic things like how to update their DNS to get a domain to point to their hosting.

How possibly can they develop a full marketing plan that involves squeeze pages, email follow ups, and then the puzzle  of getting traffic to the site? It’s going to be tough.

There’s really no mention of traffic within the sales page of Genius Marketing Pro, so I assume that you are on your own with finding it. Either that, or they will recommend boilerplate strategies like traffic exchanges, link exchanges, solo ads, and safe lists…none of which I would recommend.

Who Is Genius Marketing Pro Good For?

If you are very trusting and believe in this new company, plus you would like to save some cash on the beginning months of your business, then Genius Marketing Pro might be a good option for you.

And If you are new to internet marketing, don’t have your own product and don’t know what you’re going to sell online, then it’s not a good fit. If you see a potential for a company like this to disappear in the next few months and would rather pick more trustworthy services, then this product is not for you either.

Final Words

I think it’s great that the guys behind Genius Marketing Pro are trying to create something new, and I wish them success. However, I’m not going to bet the future of my business on it. I strongly do not recommend this program

What to do now?

If you are just getting started in online business and a little lost about how to actually make money online, then I recommend you get some help! I got started at Wealthy Affiliate, and they are my #1 recommendation for newbies.

Yes,  It’s much more newbie friendly in my opinion. You’ll be focusing on building a solid web based business that gets Google traffic and makes money through affiliate sales.

It’s a place focused on helping people rather than collecting leads, and the end result is a much more satisfying, much more profitable business. It’s how I built my first website, and how I make money even to this day. Sign up through my website and I provide extra support since I’ve been through the training and can provide insight from my 3 years of experience in affiliate marketing.



Sam Ammouri

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