Commission Gorilla Review-Can You Really Make Money With It

Commission Gorilla-What Is It ?-Can You Really Make Money With it?

By Sam Ammouri


The Truth Behind Commission Gorilla-Get The Facts In My ReviewProduct Name: Commission Gorilla

Product Creators: Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson

Type Of Product: Software

 Product Price: $49+Many Upsells &Downsells

Product Support: Helpdesk/ Forum

Product Overall Rating: 3 Stars Out Of A 5 Star Rating

What Is Commission Gorilla And How Can It Help You As An Affiliate Marketer?

Lets uncover the truth and see…

Commission Gorilla, is basically a sales page builder that comes with everything you need to design professional landing pages, sales pages with the ability to implement bonuses right into your sales pages with ease.

Product owners Jeremy and Simon have teamed up with Promote Labs and Media Crate to create a software program that lets you design full blown sales pages and create an  awesome  landing pages within minutes by using their simple drag and drop feature.

The claim is that by using their software you will begin making up to 5x more commissions and boost your revenue by implementing this software on your current site/blog. Does Commission gorilla  live up to these speculations or does it fall through the cracks?

What is the good about this?

Unlike much other software programs, there were…

  •  No paid actors,
  • No rented mansions,
  • NO gurus driving their rented million dollar sports cars telling you that you could make a million dollars overnight in auto pilot

I also good to know that you can use this software for virtually any niche or affiliate program that you are already affiliated with. You can have a professional sales page setup within minutes using their drag and drop feature which is awesome.

Commission Gorilla is offered at a fair price and I feel that what you are offered is actually worth your money. They also did a great job of walking you through the setup process and showing you how to setup your first campaign.

You are also offered a 60-day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with their software program for any reason. This is one of the very few products on the affiliate network that seems to be legit.

What I’m not comfortable with

Commission Gorilla does not offer a free trial or a way for you to try out the system without giving out your credit card details. While this product just launched on Nov 9th, they may offer some kind of free trial package in the near future, that is left to be seen.

I also found numerous upsells  as I was reviewing this software and this usually does not score very well on my chart.

What annoy me the most…

annoyed me

Is when you try to buy a program like this or invest into a make money online opportunity and before you even get to the members area you are hit with a ton of upsells and then if you decline, you get hit with a stream down sells. I usually quit and never look back.

If you are a newbie to the online business world and don’t happen to have any affiliate products and you aren’t actively involved in affiliate marketing then you won’t find much use for this software.

Whom Is Commission Gorilla is good for?

This program is suitable for affiliate marketers who already have affiliate offers up and running and who are looking to increase their sales volume and earn more revenue by offering bonuses to their customers.

If you are a beginner and just getting started online I wouldn’t recommend this program as a good starting point.

Looking For A beginner Friendly Program Geared More Towards Beginners With NO Experience Online? Checkout My #1 Recommendation Here

What is the price to get Started?

You can get started with their $49 basic package which includes everything you need to get your software up and running. The $69 and $79 pro packages offer more bonus pages and features you won’t find in the basic version.

The Annoying Upsells of this program

Upsell 1- $99 25 bonus packs that are added onto your account along with 2 extra bonuses added each month for a period of 12 months.

Upsell 2- $69 25 bonus packs added to your account one time only.

Upsell 3- $99 Black dragon bypass system + advanced affiliate private training videos

Upsell 4- $497 10 done for you membership sites already set up and ready to make you money + an email list building training program.


If you turn down these offers you will be presented with a downsell which is essentially being offered the same product at a cheaper price.

My Final Words on Commission Gorilla

For affiliate marketers who are looking to increase their sales and overall revenue and already have an established business then I think your business could benefit from this piece of software and I’d  stay completely away from the upsells associated with this program though because they completely worthless and a waste of your time and money.

If you are just getting started online, I honestly wouldn’t recommend this program for newbies as there are Far Better Programs out there that will teach you how to get started with zero experience and show you how to build a thriving business online.

I hope this review has helped everyone out and that I have been able to provide you with the information needed for you to make a sound decision as to whether Commission Gorilla would be a good fit for you or not.


Your Friend, Sam Ammouri

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