Genius Marketing Pro-Legit Or Scam? Read My Review

Genius Marketing Pro-Legit Or Scam?

Product Name: genious marketing pro

Genius Marketing Pro

Product Owners:

Dwayne Golden Sr/Jr, Alex Costan, Stephen Gilbert

Advertised Price: $47/month

Rating: 40/100

What Is Genius Marketing Pro?

This is a complete “marketing suite” that includes an autoresponder, a lead page builder, lead/traffic analyzer, funnel creator, and hosting.

The idea behind that is for this to be one-stop-shop to build an online business.

Short Buzz

At a glance, Genius Marketing Pro sounds like a pretty good deal, and for the right buyer, just might be! However, it’s not something I would personally spend my money on, and I have several reasons why.

Before You Purchase

Of course, as when you buy any “make money online” product, there’s always a long list of other things to buy. Unfortunately, the product creators behind Genius Marketing Pro will ask you to spend another $77 and $97 to upgrade your product.

Here’s what they offer…

Upsell #1: $77

In this upsell, they offer an option for you to share your winning funnels with other people. This adds another potential layer to your business where you can create and sell funnels to clients.

Personally, I think it’s way too early in the game to invest in something like this. Wait until you are earning money, then start thinking of selling your tricks.

Upsell 2: $97

In this upsell, they want to sell you 5 “Done For You Funnels”. This will be attractive to anyone who has never built a funnel before, and this type stuff is targeted towards a “please do it for me” audience.

To be honest, I don’t believe in “done for you”. There’s usually very little proof that it actually works, or just one case study which may not apply to your niche or your audience.

What’s Good in This system?

The One-Stop-Shop Idea

Just The idea that you can create and run a full campaign in any niche from a single dashboard is pretty attractive & would be pretty awesome to be able to host, track clicks, send emails, create sales pages, and outsource ad copy all from one dashboard.

For someone with a solid idea of what they want to do with their business, this would be a useful too even though I don’t truly recommend this program.

What’s not good About it

Searching online for reviews of Genius Marketing Pro, I noticed that everyone who recommends it doesn’t actually use it. There are lots of videos, written reviews, and promos for it, but they all talk about how cool the features are…basically the same stuff you can see on their sales page.

Looking great and having cool features is one thing, but actually producing results is something completely different!

All I actually see from the positive reviews are people offering endless bonuses of crappy PDF guides on how to make money online that will no doubt sit on your desktop, unused till you delete them when you format your disk.

Too new to be proven

This is a brand new program, and it has no history of updates or satisfied users. Considering that it was created by internet marketing guys with several other ditched products under their belt, I sincerely doubt it will be around for long, or that it will be updated on a regular basis.

But if you are going to build your ENTIRE business on their platform, there has to be some kind of trust factor, yes? no?

So you are spending $47/month for the squeeze pages, lead tracking, hosting, and autoresponder. Well, if you order the services separately, with the most trusted online companies, you aren’t really paying that much more.

  • Autoresponder: $19/month
  •  Landing Pages + Content Builder $97 one time fee
  • Hosting: $10/month
  • Domain $11/year

So you’re basically looking at $39/month plus some other one time fees versus the constant $47/month for a similar service. Although not everything will be “in house”, you will get the BEST of each service, with trusted support teams and tons of excellent customer testimonials.

This is in contrast to some new guy on the block that has built their business on HYPE.

Too Many Options For beginners

I personally think there’s just too much to take in for a beginner. As someone that helps people build their first businesses online, I see the extreme confusion that newbies run into. People struggle with basic things like how to update their DNS to get a domain to point to their hosting.

How possibly can they develop a full marketing plan that involves squeeze pages, email follow ups, and then the puzzle  of getting traffic to the site? It’s going to be tough.

There’s really no mention of traffic within the sales page of Genius Marketing Pro, so I assume that you are on your own with finding it. Either that, or they will recommend boilerplate strategies like traffic exchanges, link exchanges, solo ads, and safe lists…none of which I would recommend.

Who Is Genius Marketing Pro Good For?

If you are very trusting and believe in this new company, plus you would like to save some cash on the beginning months of your business, then Genius Marketing Pro might be a good option for you.

And If you are new to internet marketing, don’t have your own product and don’t know what you’re going to sell online, then it’s not a good fit. If you see a potential for a company like this to disappear in the next few months and would rather pick more trustworthy services, then this product is not for you either.

Final Words

I think it’s great that the guys behind Genius Marketing Pro are trying to create something new, and I wish them success. However, I’m not going to bet the future of my business on it. I strongly do not recommend this program

What to do now?

If you are just getting started in online business and a little lost about how to actually make money online, then I recommend you get some help! I got started at Wealthy Affiliate, and they are my #1 recommendation for newbies.

Yes,  It’s much more newbie friendly in my opinion. You’ll be focusing on building a solid web based business that gets Google traffic and makes money through affiliate sales.

It’s a place focused on helping people rather than collecting leads, and the end result is a much more satisfying, much more profitable business. It’s how I built my first website, and how I make money even to this day. Sign up through my website and I provide extra support since I’ve been through the training and can provide insight from my 3 years of experience in affiliate marketing.



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