Getting Your Comment Engine Ready- Affiliate Bootcamp Training- Lesson 7

Getting Your Comment Engine Ready

Affiliate Bootcamp Training- lesson 7

Comments and user engagement are going to be a big part of your success. A website becomes a “community” and interactive the minute you can start engaging people on your site. Your goal is not only to inform and sell to people, but to get them asking questions, Author Kyle at wealthy Affiliatediscussing important and relevant topics, and leaving you feedback and reviews.

But how do you determine whether or not a comment is legit?

First things first though, there are a ton of comment spammers out there and we want to prevent people from spamming your website. There is a very effective plugin for doing this called Akismet. We are also going to clear out any “junk” comments and work to understand what is the difference between a real comment and a fake comment.

Task 1: Install Akismet

Your first step is going to be to activate the Akismet plugin which came pre-installed with your WordPress website. This is a plugin that serves as a spam filter for comments coming into your website and is very effective.

After you “activate” within the Plugins section, there is also a requirement that you get an “API Key” from the website to complete the account set-up process.

This is covered within the video lesson that has been created specifically for the set-up process of Akismet:

DISCUSS VIDEO: How to Install Akismet – Protect Your Website From Spam

With this and the Captcha plugin installed on your site, you should be more than adequately protected from comment spam. This doesn’t mean you will not get ANY, so unless a comment will add value to your page/post then you shouldn’t consider posting.

**Note: YOU DO NOT have to pay for this plugin, when it gives you the option to pay, move the slider to $0 and you will get this plugin for completely free.

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