How To Come up With a Potential Direction For Your Website- Affiliate Boot camp – Lesson 4

Coming up With a Potential Direction & Creating scalable Idea Friendly Site

Affiliate Boot camp Lesson 4

Coming up with a potential direction for your site…

It is important to deal with your site structure and your “vision” early on, so this is going to become a common theme until we can get it hashed out.Author Kyle at wealthy Affiliate

The core of this site is going to be to promote Wealthy Affiliate. It is easy to compare WA effectively against any program out there…there is nothing like it available within the industry.

Plain and simple, everything someone would need for starting or growing a business is here At Wealthy Affiliate.

From the websites, to the keyword research, to getting help and motivation, to networking with others online, to saving yourself from the abundance of scams out there. Wealthy Affiliate is going to become a very easy sell and obvious choice as your site evolves.

Those could actually be categories that I could create on my website. When you have a category on your site, you can have many subsequent pages/posts that you can create within that category. Categorizing your ideas into broader topics like this can help you with the organization of your website content/ideas.

Here are some potential categories that you could leverage on your site (again, you can also be creative here as well).

  1. Building Websites
  2. Keyword/Market Research
  3. Scam Alerts
  4. Getting Help With Your Business
  5. Motivational Techniques
  6. Different types of jobs online
  7. Keyword Research
  8. Local Marketing
  9. Writing Content / Authoring
  10. Ways you Can Work From Home

So these are 10 instant ideas of “themes” I could cover on my site. A theme or category is something that could cover 10 or 15 different topics minimum. If you want to get some more theme ideas, check out the Target Audiences tutorial.

Example of this would be the theme “Build Websites”. The following topics can be leveraged…

  • How to build a website in 30 seconds (could leverage the video here at WA)
  • How to get a free website online
  • 5 Things you should know about SEO and your website
  • How to install your own domain (and outline the path to do this with WA)
  • An explanation of how websites work (DNS, domains, etc)
  • How to get your website indexed in Google
  • How to prepare your website for Search Engine Optimization
  • How to add Youtube videos to your website
  • How to build a free wordpress website
  • Adding images to your website

These are 10 potential pages/posts that you could build out within this particular category. You could do this for any topic that you want, and you can be creative as you want.

But remember, you want to keep with the theme of your site. If your site is “work from home” related, you want to keep your themes related to this. You could still have a category “building websites”, but you would also want to have a category “work from home products” and likely “types of work from home businesses”.

If you need a help coming up with some themes for your site, or you have any questions about your existing ideas, join in on the “topics/ideas” discussion here.

DISCUSSION: Trying to come up with topics/ideas for your website?

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