How To Come Up With Ideas Out Of Thin Air

Coming Up With Ideas Out Of Thin Air

Affiliate Boot camp training- Lesson 10

How do you manufacture ideas out of thin air? There are many ways to do this and many free resources you can leverage online to get content ideas and to keep in the “know” of Author Kyle at wealthy Affiliateyour respective industry.

In this lesson, we are going to be walking through some of these techniques. We are going to be using some FREE Google tools, “how to” websites, and “question & answer” websites.

Before we get going, Watch this video walking you through the strategies outlined in this lesson.

This is the last lesson of the first phase of the Bootcamp. You should give yourself a full 10 day break until the next phase starts, but this does not mean you should stop working on your site. Keep building out your pages/posts, beautifying your existing pages, sharing WA content through your affiliate links, inviting friends and family to join WA (through your affiliate links, create NEW posts…basically just keep working at it.

Whatever you like. In 10 days my site is going to be built out much more and look different. You should do the same. Some awesome training coming up in phase 2 of the Affiliate Bootcamp. Congrats on your hard work thus far, you deserve a break and definitely take some time to reward yourself for your work thus far!

The ultimate reward is not that far away…a successful affiliate website! Enjoy your short hiatus!

When you are done taking your break or if you want to move right into the next phase, you can ACCESS PHASE 2 HERE! that will be added  here soon.

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