How To Leverage Content From Wealthy Affiliate On Your Site- Affiliate Boot Camp Training- Lesson 9

How To Leverage Content From Wealthy Affiliate On Your Site

Affiliate Boot camp training lesson 9

Wealthy Affiliate is not only the focal product you are going to be promoting on your site, but it is the home of an unbelievable amount of blog posts, training resources, discussions and videos that can be leveraged on your website.

Did You Know…Author Kyle at wealthy Affiliate

Everything at Wealthy Affiliate can be shared and you can earn credit for it. If you have been following through the task you will know this by now as you should be sharing content regularly. Sharing leads to referrals…which lead to money in your pocket.

For example, you could share any of my content on your website. Say you have a page on “how to build a website fast”, you could go to the Websites Classroom and leverage any of the training modules in there.

Here is a training resource that I quickly found within that section:

build a website in 30 seconds

If you go to this same “Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds” video, you have your own affiliate link as well (same goes for every resources within WA). You can share this link wherever you like and get full credit for any referrals that you generate as a result.

Another Good Way to Get Content Ideas…

You are naturally generating a ton of “content ideas” for your website from the classroom content at Wealthy Affiliate…and it is already categorized. By going into any of the classrooms, you can get ideas for content and topics you can write about and elaborate about on your site.

There are lots of discussions, lots of questions, lots of training tutorials, videos and courses. All of these ideas can be leverage not only for their “affiliate linking” capabilities, but also for content ideas for your site.

You can also find posts and training that you can “link to” within a search. For example, if I wanted to find a local marketing blog post or course to link to from my website, I would simply do a search at Wealthy Affiliate. (see below)

local market

This will yield a lot content within WA that is relevant to local marketing.


Use sparingly and use effectively. The last thing you want to be is a website of links, but no internal content. I would say that within a page of content that you have a maximum of 2 shared links (from here at Wealthy Affiliate) and only do this if it makes sense.

Watch this video Overview outlining how you can leverage content here at WA.

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