How To take Advantage Of The Free Membership & The 2 free Websites At Wealthy Affiliate

Taking Advantage Of The Free Membership & The 2 free Websites Offered At Wealthy Affiliate


You Must Already have heard about Wealthy Affiliate by now since it’s the most talked about as a legit, honest most ethical online opportunity around today.

Wealthy Affiliate offers the most advanced online business training through a wide varieties of training methods such as, videos, live webinars, articles, posts, direct community help, chats, and many others.

One of the most distinguished features that makes Wealthy affiliate stands out from the rest of the pack is the friendly and very helpful community, This community there would stay behind you till your website start making money.

Another lovely feature at wealthy Affiliate is the no upsells or spam in the community, it is totally forbidden, this strict policy helps you get your education at peace without being bombarded with offers, upsells and endless boring and annoying spam that happens everywhere else.

What makes wealthy Affiliate different from any other program out there is the fact that they let you start fro free and offer you 2 free websites than you can have and hosted free forever. with a full training course to create, populate and operate them as a business, and again, ” yes, totally free without any catches or hidden tricks”.

2 free websites ?  what can I  do with it…?

How can I take advantage of my 2 free websites at Wealthy Affiliate?

Build your free website at wealthy Affiliate3

The skies are the limit, everyone has a passion in life, the best thing to do is to go after that passion which can be,

  • dogs & cats
  • motorcycles
  • boats
  • cars
  • cloth
  • shoes
  • writings
  • helping
  • others… etc.

build my free website now

The good thing is you don’t have to have any products around, all you have to do is fill an affiliate application for the many companies out there, such as Amazon, Walmart, HP computers,, Groupon and others.

Once your application get accepted usually within less than 24 hours, they’ll give you your special affiliate links and banners with your special tracking code embedded within, now all you have to do is stick these banners on your site and start promoting.

Don’t worry, there is a free full training on how to do this.

Read what this new member has to say…

progress learning at wealthy affiliate

One month into the Wealthy Affiliate program

I have been in the Wealthy Affiliate program for just over a month now. I am loving it. The training is totally amazing and conveyed expertly by Kyle. Building my site through WA is really a big learning curve for me and I am lapping up every minute of it.


It is really addictive in a very, very positive way. I have set myself definite goals and I can virtually see the light at the end of the tunnel because WA literally spells out everything, making the whole journey that much easier.


I now that my site is going to be successful, it is just a matter of time and playing the numbers game with the number of people visiting my site increasing as I improve and the quality and quantity of my content. I am very grateful to Kyle and Carson for offering us all this wonderful opportunity.

Look what I did with my 2 free websites when I joined over 2 years ago- I affiliated with and filled the 2 websites with my favorite items from that site. And now it’s been making me money since ever then.

Citizen Watches

Cannon Cameras

One important thing I’d like to remind you with is that Wealthy Affiliate offers 2 types of memberships.

1. A free membership that includes level I of training and you get the 2 free websites.

2. A paid premium membership that includes all the benefits at wealthy Affiliate. With this membership the cost is $47 a month and you will eventually bring it down through bonus offers and black Friday deals.

With this membership you can have as many free websites as you want. I used 10 which is hosted at and I have 5 websites of my own domain I bought from for $10 each and hosted them free at wealthy Affiliate.

Can you imagine how much would this have cost me if I had to host these sites somewhere else!

I built a total of 15 websites at wealthy Affiliate

cheering animation

Now between my own websites and the free websites at wealthy Affiliate I have a total of 15 website.  See them here and check what they are all about. All the ones with siterubix url’s are the free ones.

build my free website now

Click here to see my full review of wealthy Affiliate and how you can start today and do the same thing I did, Trust you pal Sam there is no better place for achieving a dream.

If you need any further help with building your site please let me know in the comment box below.

Sam Ammouri

Your pal

Sam Ammouri




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