How To Write Out Themed Content- Affiliate Boot Camp Training- Lesson 6

Writing Out Themed Content

Affiliate Boot camp training- Lesson 6

Today is going to be a DAY of content…you might be getting a sense that content is important. However it doesn’t have to be tough and it should feel completely natural to write.Author Kyle at wealthy Affiliate

The biggest fear people have when writing…

Is not being perfect. I can tell you from personal experience that perfect doesn’t convert, in fact it doesn’t even exist. What you write, what ideas you have, and how you form your content is RIGHT…and it will work for you.

A few suggestions I have for you when you sit down to write your content:

  • Don’t constrain yourself, come up with the ideas first and then write it out.
  • Break a page down into smaller ideas, then write it
  • Don’t try to perfect your content.
  • Enjoy what you are writing about and have fun with it.
  • Exercise or get some fresh air before your write content (trust me on this one)

Writing and the creation of content is going to be quintessential to your success when getting up and running with your business. Content leads to rankings, branding, trust…traffic…and ultimately success. So being able to sit down and write content without worrying about perfection is important.

I want to leave you with a famous quote today before we get into the tasks.

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”

This should apply to your writing. Don’t fear a failed article, focus on your desired success. The only thing that you can do to move closer to perfection, is practice. So write regularly, write fearlessly, and write from your own perspective!

Join in on the Theme Discussion if You Need Theme Help

If you need ideas or you need someone to have a look at your content, don’t be afraid to post it within the followin discussion thread.
tips for writing content
DISCUSSION: Need Help or Want to Share Your Content?

This can be great for getting feedback from others on your content and getting an outside perspective of what will constitute helpful content.

Alright, lets get into the daily tasks…

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