Make More Money With Wealthy Affiliate Going Premium

Go Premium At Wealthy Affiliate And Start Making Money From Many Directions!

In this post I’ll explain how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate and tell you of the different ways members can do this at home online, in addition to what they make from their websites.

There absolutely no doubt in my mind that the training within Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is the best there is available online for anyone, especially beginners, to start their own profitable online businesses. But WA offers so much more when it comes to ways for making money online from home.


The benefits to going Premium are very obvious. You get everything that WA has to offer both now and every new kind of training that will be created in the future. However becoming Premium will also have other advantages in putting more “green” in your pocket.join wealthy affiliate premium

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What are these?

Again the unique advantage is that you will get a college-like education in how to start your own online business and to start it the right way. Turning any one (or more) of your passions into a money making online business is a GREAT advantage because you will be working with something you enjoy.

That is just the main and most clear advantage for those who are Premium members. But on the following pages I will discuss other ways that becoming a Premium member can help you to earn additional money, maybe even quicker than what your website will produce.

Other ways to make money with your WA Premium membership

1. Designing wordpress websites for money

After going through the training here at Wealthy Affiliate you will find out how simple it is to build a website from scratch. There is no need to learn any kind of programming language when using the SiteRubix website builder. Just choose a domain name, then name your website, select a theme, and click “Build my Website”

See here how you can build a website in 30 seconds!

2. Build websites for others

Since it is very simple to repeat the easy 4-step website building process, you could be offering a website building service to other people. Most people who are not members of WA still believe that you need to know programming to build your own website. But you know otherwise.

Take the simplicity of the SiteRubix website builder at WA and build websites for other people. You can build multiple websites, have them hosted here at WA, and not have to pay any extra in your monthly membership fee. You could then charge these people the cost of your yearly membership fee. At WA you can host up to 25 websites with your membership, imagine charging other people 24 times your yearly membership fees!

3. You can offer content creation service

When most people first hear about having to write content, many get scared because they think that they need to be a writer. Well,  Writing content is no more than you being able to type out your thoughts, once you do your first, you’ll do a zillion.

You are more of a communicator more so than you are a writer. If you can write a letter, communicate back and forth within an email or online chat, you are basically creating content. So content here is not writing a book, it is communicating with others like you do on Facebook and other social platforms, or writing a letter to a friend.

But still many people are afraid of the words “content creation” and they do not want to be bothered. This is yet another area where you can offer your services to create content for your customers. Perhaps these people already have a website but they just need the content to go with it. Opportunity for you!

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4. You will be able to conduct keywords research and SEO for money

One of the many things you learn here at Wealthy Affiliate is Keyword Research in relation to the content you write and for the advancement of SEO- Search Engine Optimization.

Again these are services that many people either have a hard time to grasp or just do not want to bother and do it themselves.

And if you should know how to do Keyword Research and you are especially seeing great results in the search engines with your own website content, you could also offer SEO services within Content Writing or in the adjustments of existing content on websites and blogs.

Basically you are taking the knowledge you perform for your own website creation and offer it to others.


The techniques above give you the opportunity to offer these services to others who do not know. One place that is very popular to do this is on FIVERR as well as other online small job boards, THUMBTACK is another. You can also advertise your services on Craigslist if you like.

Depending on your niche, you could advertise on your own website, maybe even write an eBook and sell it as a download. You could advertise your services on social media, through email, or any other avenue of online communication.

See my full review of Wealthy Affiliate

5. You can make money from premium referrals

This is what this website is all about. I built this site as A boot camp to promote the wonderful and trustful Wealthy Affiliate.

Even Though you do not need to be a Premium member or be participating in the Boot Camp Course to promote Wealthy Affiliate, you can make money on every person that joins Wealthy Affiliate through your affiliate link.

If you are a Starter Member and any of your referrals become a Premium member, you will get $4 for their first month and then $11.25 for every month afterwards.

However if you are a Premium member you will get 100% more than the Starter member, at $8 for the first month and $22.50 for every month afterwards. Plus as a Premium member you will get an extra $1 when your referral completes their profile with a picture and a description.

This is a one morning snapshot of my referrals at WA

earning snapshot at wealthy affiliate

Your premium membership can be free

Many of the Premium members are probably paying the monthly $47 charge and perhaps that is putting a strain on your finances. But did you know that you could have your Premium membership become free? How is that you ask? Simple! All you need is to have 3 Premium referrals to your credit. Imaging what a 1000 referrals can do!!! and many are doing just so.

With three Premium monthly referrals paying you a total commission of $67.50 every month, that pays for your $47.00 and gives you an extra $20.50 in your pocket. Obviously the more referrals you get above 3, the more extra money you get to keep for yourself. I explain how you would go about getting referrals in one of my earliest training tutorials, see below link.

How to get those referrals?

ALL of the content you create in your site and here at WA, like your blogs, question discussions, and training tutorials are indexed into Google.

So you may have written a blog that someone saw on a Google search and decided to join WA through your blog. Maybe they had a similar question that you had created a discussion on here at WA and liked the answers you received and decided to join WA. Well that is how you got that referral.

Look at you yourself, where are you now? you are reading this, may be someone else will be reading the same later on and that could be at your website, then if they are convinced enough they will join and you get the credit, and it goes on and on.

Join wealthy Affiliate today and start your true profitable online journey.



Sam Ammouri


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