Pick Your Domain And Build Your Website

Lesson 2- How To pick Your Domain And Build Your Website


Affiliate Boot Camp Lesson 2

Today is going to be a very productive day. We are going to be setting up the core of our website, which includes the selection of our domain.

A domain that Kyle (WA owner) own and plan to profit from will be used in this Author Kyle at wealthy Affiliateexercise. This site will be used as an REAL example of how you can create an authority site in this niche. It will be used throughout the Affiliate Bootcamp and for you to see how this will be turned from NOTHING into a full time business online.

In this lesson you’ll also learn who the target audiences are for Wealthy Affiliate. This will give you a better idea as the vastness of this niche as most people just assume that “make money” is the niche…not quite!

Everywhere you look someone could benefit from Wealthy Affiliate. Whether you are standing in line at a grocery story or chatting with a friend on Facebook. Wealthy Affiliate can benefit from it in one way or another.

Whether they are retired, whether they are in college, employed or unemployed, business owners or looking to start a business, when you are promoting WA you are promoting to the biggest audience in the world…

People that need help making more money and people that need help with their websites and businesses!

Choose a domain (free or paid)

The next step is going to be choosing a domain.

Ideally you want your own domain, so premium members are going to highly benefit from this as you get to host unlimited domains that you own here at WA. A domain is your own asset, you have full control.

You can get a domain for $10 per year, and I recommend namecheap.com as they don’t have all the annoying upsells that companies like Godaddy have.

Get Your NameCheap.com Domain Here! (must be premium member to use your own domains)

I recommend you choose something that is either very targeted to what the theme of your site is going to be about, or you choose a site that is very brandable. Either of which is completely fine.

There is a discussion thread taking place on domain selection and if you need any help choosing a domain, I suggest you join in on this discussion.

DISCUSSION: Choosing a Domain to Promote WA?

If you are not a Premium and you don’t want to use your own domain just yet, you are going to be at a bit of a disadvantage, but that is OK. We offer free websites here at Wealthy Affiliate that will work as well. You can simply skip the domain “buying” step if you plan using a free website.

Building Your Website

Your next step is going to be to build your site. You will be doing this within the state of the art website builder here at Wealthy Affiliate, called SiteRubix.

==> Access Site Rubix Here!

You can access all of your websites and the website builder at any time simply by clicking the SiteBuilder section of the SiteRubix menu.

build your website-

From Kyle

I always recommend choosing a simple theme, one that does not require too much work and definitely is clean of too many bells and whistles. The first focus is your content, secondary is the aesthetics of your site theme. Look at how simple the theme chosen for this sample website!


Lots of white space, very simple in nature and puts the emphasis on the actual content.

There is a reason why sites like Craigslist.com and Reddit.com are so popular…their content. It has nothing to do with their ugly look!

Simply get your website installed today. That is your goal. If you are a Premium member just bought your domain today, it can take up to 12 hours before the DNS (Domain Name Server) settings will resolve. When your website is ready, you will be able to build it using the website builder but prior to that you might get an error.

With Namecheap.com DNS updates are usually very quick (sometimes in less than 15 minutes).

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