Pinterest Social Media Marketing & More Traffic To Your Website

Using Pinterest Social Media For Marketing & More Traffic To Your Website

Using Pinterest Social Media For Marketing & More Traffic To Your Website

One of my favourite social media platforms for traffic and marketing is Pinterest, the reason is the amount of traffic I have received since I opened my account.

Pinterest social media is relatively new but has fast become popular since its launch in 2012, primarily used by people looking for ideas for particular projects and in my opinion a far superior visual aid social board,  you can find virtually anything on here and save it to one of your board publicly or you can even have a secret board for yourself.

I personally like pinterest social platform for adding my latest posts to as most people are visual by nature and if chosen well that image will draw interest on the Pinterest community and yes increased traffic and conversions for your business.

I have used Pinterest social media more than any other social media platform since my websites went live and the amount of traffic I get is simply awesome!

The Start

You’ll need an account which is really very simple to do and only takes a few minutes to set up. Once that is done you can then start to set up your boards.

What is a Pinterest Board?

The Boards are where you save a particular interest you have and that could be anything from, sporting,  gardening, the latest fashion to home décor ideas. I would suggest you decide on A few topics you love and build the boards with at least 6 pins within the board.

Pinterest Social Media Marketing & More Traffic To Your Website

Your main board should be related to your website niche where you can post all your latest posts or pages to it as it is the Platform where you are showing the readers what you are all about and what you’re offering.  Publish all your posts and pages on here and make sure this board is the first your visitors here will see.

Start Pinning

You’ve just established your Pinterest page, the next step is to search for posts for your boards and follow people who regularly post about this same subject and pin to your relevant board. It is that easy. You will find after a very short time that you start to build a following and the density of that depends on how often you pin.

One final thing I’d love to mention is that some members may ask if you’d like to collaborate and this has the added advantage of more exposure for your website.

There really is no major mystery to Pinterest and it’s a simple and effective way to gain traffic.

Using Pinterest Social Media For Marketing & to gain More Traffic To Your Website will absolutely make a difference.

Happy Pinning – Happy more traffic and conversions to your website.

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