Success Stories At Wealthy Affiliate

Top Success Stories At Wealthy Affiliate

Little About Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by two Internet Entrepreneurs from Victoria British Columbia Canada, Kyle and Carson (picture right). Since 2005, Wealthy Affiliate has been a leader in Internet marketing and online business training stage, connecting with hundreds of thousands of individuals, businesses, and aspiring online Entrepreneurs.kyle & Carson, wealthy affiliate owners

WA has both premium and a fee membership with different benefits of course.

What do you get as a Free Members at Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Getting Started Training (the process is completely SIMPLIFIED!)
  2. Video training, Tutorial training, Classroom training and Courses
  3. 1000,s of HELPFUL community members
  4. Live & Interactive Help (even at 2am in the morning!)
  5. 2 Free, Beautifully Designed Websites
  6. State of the Art Secure and Fast Hosting
  7. Access to Industry Experts & Millionaires
  8. A strict spam free environment.
  9. Absolutely FREE to Get Started!

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Now let’s go to the Wealthy Affiliate success stories, Bellow are real people’s success stories who joined WA including myself

Success story 1:

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories – Make money from internet marketingwa success stories

I have experienced great success with WA by working a great program, WA, having support from my family, and staying determined to succeed. I wanted to share what I have achieved and some key points to my success to encourage others to make it happen. See where you want to be and make it happen.

When I started I had a lot of doubts and after month one, two, and three I had barely made a few cents and a lot of friends thought I was wasting my time and living in a dream world. Let me tell you that with WA and some great friends I’ve made along the way my dream world is becoming a reality.

My goals where to keep from my wife from going back to work after my son was born……. reality now. She gets to stay at home and raise our son which was a dream of ours so our kids would never be without one of us by their side.

Read full story here

Success story 2:

A Better Life – Wealthy Affiliate One Year On!wa success story

It’s exactly one year since I joined Wealthy Affiliate. Before that I was lost. And just about to give up ON my dream of being able to earn a full time income online. All I had to show after 3 years was being scammed twice, Upsell after upsell whenever I joined some supposedly money making programs. And instead of earning money I had lost over €1,400 euro (about $1,800).

The Training is Awesome!

However, everything changed within a week of joining WA. All the missing pieces of my online jigsaw started to fit perfectly into place. Within three weeks I had a two brand new websites. And I knew how to get top Google search rankings. The training is Awesome! Needless to say, soon after that my website started earning money for me. What a relief. Finally money was coming in rather than going out.

And more importantly I now have a future online. Today I’m already living my online dream. And I did not have to wait years for it either. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate I got much more than I initially wanted or expected when I joined.

Read the whole story here

Success story 3:

4 Year Anniversary in Wealthy Affiliate (June 2014)wa success stories

Somehow another year has passed and I’ve now been at Wealthy Affiliate for 4 years. My personal tradition is to write up a review of what happened during the previous year as well as goals for next year. It not only keeps me on track to achieve more and more each year, but also reminds me of how far I’ve come because it’s easy to forget all that you’ve accomplished. Plus, I think it gives newbies great insight into how things progress over time. I’ll provide a link below to my previous years posts.

Here were my goals for Year 4 in WA – let’s see how I did. 1) Figure out Adwords and make some money with it – Done 2) Increase monthly income by 30% Done 3) Continue consistently with YouTube, Podcasts, and tutorials 1/2 Done 4) 1000 visitors per day to my WA promotion site Done 5) Double traffic to 2 old websites 1/2 Done 6) Remember my goals and check them often! Done The goals I didn’t fully finish were done so on purpose. I found that my YouTube videos and Podcasts, while fun, simply were not converting into sales and taking a lot of time to produce.

I did about 6 months, then decided to focus on other things. And though I would have like to exactly double traffic to two of my old sites, I did almost as good, increasing traffic by about 60-70%.

I think I could have done more if I really tried harder but I was not as focused as I could have been. For those of you that know my “Bootcamp” site One More Cup of Coffee, you might be surprised to find out that it’s only about 18 months old.

A lot can be done in 1 year’s time. I hit my goal of 1,000 visits per day, and even made it to Vegas. What I’m most proud of was that I was actually able to increase my income by about 60% this year instead of my original 30% goal.

Not bad. I mean, what kind of job can you go in and ask your boss for a 60% raise? How did I do this? If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you know that one of my major mistakes getting started was working on too many sites at once.

I learned a lot, but I had no focus. This year I only did maintenance work on 2 old websites (all others fell by the way side), and focused solely on building/growing my Bootcamp site.What This Means For You.

See full story here

Success story 4:

Would you trade $359 for $3500?wa success stories

Hey everyone I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and has had some time to set some new goals that you would like to accomplish in 2014. Today I would like to share my success with everyone that I have had over the past year here at Wealthy Affiliate. In February of last year I took the plunge and went yearly.

This has probably been the best choice that I could have ever made. I made a promise to myself that I was going to work hard at the Boot Camp and see how long it would take me to get my small investment back. It hasn’t quite been a year yet but since 2013 is long gone now I have accomplished so much and had a huge amount of success so far.

My 2013 Year In Review How I reached my goals for the year I started out fresh with the Boot Camp back in February and like everyone I had my doubts but I was still confident that I would make it with lots of hard work and dedication. Keep in mind that I was surrounded by negative people telling me that I wasn’t going to make 1 cent online and that I should just get a regular job like everyone else. It wasn’t possible at the time for me to get a regular job due to some problems I had to deal with from my soon to be ex wife.

I started the Boot Camp training and followed the lessons as instructed and worked super hard at my website each and every day. It took me quite some time before I even started seeing any traffic at all but that didn’t matter because I understood that this wasn’t no get rich quick overnight kinda of thing.

I was creating a long term business and things like this don’t happen overnight. It took me until May for me to get any decent traffic and I got my first sale the first week in May. I was so excited I had to tell everyone. It was a really great feeling and it gave me more confidence to keep pushing forward.

After I got my first sale a few days later I got a couple more and like Kyle told me it has snowballed over time. How I managed to get traffic and turn that traffic into sales Kyle is always telling us to write engaging content and to always write with the visitor in mind.

This is the only way to get people engaged in your content and make it interesting to read. If you are real with people and you can connect with them on a personal level you will be able to gain their trust and they will buy from you. Not only will this help you gain more readers but Google loves this kind of interaction as well and they will rank you higher as a result of this.

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Success story 5:

WOW!! Been Over 1 Year At The WAwa success stories

I just noticed that I have been a member of the WA for over a year. Completely missed my anniversary it was on June 15th. Gotta tell ya, I love this place. I have made connections with such great people (even you David – LOL) had to get my shot in to my little brother. I’ve learned and still do learn a lot each day.

It’s so true when it’s said that by surrounding yourself with like minded people you can’t help but achieve all you want to achieve. My story is a little different, I have been making a full time income online since 2005, and I found the WA a few times and became a member on June 15 2012.

Why did I join? Because this is a place of giving with out an agenda, a safe place to come and sharpen your skills so you can build a successful online business. And I wanted to be a part of that and share what I have come to learn and to be taught by other successful marketers.

It’s rare to find people like that, especially people of the caliber of Kyle and Carson. They are truly motivated not by money (hard to believe) but they are motivated by helping people – and help they do.

On more than one occasion Kyle has taken the time to personally help me and answer all my questions, and I didn’t even have to bribe him with one of my slow smoked pulled pork sandwiches, even though I always have one at the ready just in case.

That level of dedication Kyle and Carson have to their members (me) is worth the price of admission many times over – thanks guys!! I also want to say thank you to the great people who have helped me along the way; Rich, Steve, Todd, Nathaniell and Diva B just to name a few. And I also want to say it is my privilege and joy to help anyone and everyone who asks me.sam and parrot2

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Success story 6:

This is me now and please read it here

I will be Adding more success stories soon

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