Tips To Increase Your Commission Chances Marketing Online

How To Increase Your Commission Chances Marketing Online

If you are one of my dedicated visitors then I’m taking it for granted you read my SEO blog I wrote a few days earlier – because if you have then you will now have some knowledge about how you should work with keywords.

You have to do your best to get people to stay on your page and read some more of your content so that google and other search engines grant it a high ranking. When people stay longer on your page to read, that time is recorded by search engine’s Analytics such as Google,  and of course the longer the time the better the ranking, especially with Google.

I heard the other day from an email sent to me from an SEO site that Google has a term for this called ‘Dwell Time’ this simply means visitor’s time spent on your website page.

If a visitor spends a long time on your page, Google will be pleased with that and turn more people to your pages.

May be now you are asking yourself how you can improve on this and get an even higher ranking.

Well,  I have two tips for you below

1. Try Getting your content above the fold

Tips To Increase Your Commission Chances Marketing Online

Let’s explain this…

The Above the fold idea was first used to describe the placement of content on a newspaper’s front page. The paper’s headline and lead stories are placed on the portion of the front page that remains visible to the reader when the paper is folded horizontally for display on news stands.

How To Increase Your Commission Chances Marketing Online

For those who still don’t know what this means…  It means…

  • that you get rid of large images (including Header ones)
  • Show a good piece of text that at least contains eye catching words, title and headline.
  • Tell the people what to expect and they will stay. The majority wont if all they can see is an image consuming the screen. A quick glance and they are off. Grab their attention with your Great Title and Article’s Headline.

When visitors see a big bulky image above the fold, they only have two options, to scroll back or leave and from my experience the majority will leave.

To be on the right track make sure that you don’t have large images or ads forcing your content below the fold. Again,  at the very least have some text showing. This is also very important especially for mobile devices.

2. Break Up Your Content In smaller segments

So often when I’m asked to review a site for evaluation I see huge chunks of text and I just get that feel to want to exit right away and never come back. Its really boring man, I can assure you I am not the only one thinking this because nothing chases readers away faster than huge blocks of text they know they will have to read through before they get down to the real stuff. So short paragraphs folks.

Look at this below, would you read this? I won’t!

chunky text

Therefore… break your content down into easily readable segments and insert relevant images.

Hope this was of a great help to you in increasing your chances of more conversions. Need more help on this? please write me below for my swift answers.

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