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By Sam Ammouri

Sam Ammouri

Wealthy Affiliate History

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by two online Entrepreneurs from Victoria British Columbia Canada, Kyle and Carson. Since 2005, Wealthy Affiliate has been a leader in Internet marketing and online business training stage, connecting with hundreds of thousands of individuals, businesses, and aspiring online Entrepreneurs. Wealthy Affiliate is truly a hub for online business training, affiliate marketing, and social networking within the Internet marketing world.

Co-Owner Kyle

coowner kyle of wealthy Affiliate
A nice few words from Kyle

The whole story started back in 2002. That is when I got my start within the vast world we have come to know as the Internet. I guess you could say I am a serial entrepreneur as I dedicate a component of every day to “thought development” within the technology world.

Yes,  I am in my glory when I can help someone achieve something they never thought was possible. Wealthy Affiliate has granted me this opportunity and over the years I have been able to help 1,000’s of people create flourishing Internet businesses from nothing.

Over the years I have naturally become the most interested in the idea development, authoring, and marketing aspects of the Internet business, and my day to day task involve working in these areas as well spending a good deal of my time hanging out within the WA community. There is something to be said about Paying it Forward, and there is no better feeling.

You will see me frequently posting, chatting, helping others, uploading videos and training, or adding courses within the community.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, being active, travelling the world, and of course being on the Internet. Wealthy Affiliate Username: Kyle.

Co-Owner Carson

coowner of wealthy Affiliate Carson
Here is a few sweet words from Carson

I have been an avid Internet marketer since 2002 and started as an affiliate selling products and services online for various companies. My formal training and background is in Computer Science. Wealthy Affiliate went into development soon after graduation of College where Kyle and I met, and it has been our full-time passion since 2005.

I enjoy being involved in company start-ups and challenging the limits of what can be done with technology and social education platforms. Using technology as a solution to educate people is exciting and where we continually push towards excellence within Wealthy Affiliate.

I am am involved in many sports, I thoroughly enjoy being active, and love to travel. You’ll find me running my businesses from my laptop or iPad from anywhere in the world. I love interacting with members of Wealthy Affiliate and constantly hover between Wealthy Affiliate Live Chat, my Blog, and within the many discussions offering support and coaching. Wealthy Affiliate Username: Carson

Jay (Live Video Training Coach)

Jay Magistudios hosts weekly live video training events that are offered within the Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Jay has vast experience in the Internet marketing world, from PPC, local marketing, content development, SEO, and website development (programming, wordpress, joomla, drupal). The weekly video training is an absolute necessity to skill development of online marketers and we are pleased to be able to offer this remarkable training solution.

You will see Jay frequently hanging out within the Wealthy Affiliate Live Chat and regularly contributing “gems” of information within his WA Blog! Wealthy Affiliate Username: Magistudios

The development team consists of 17 full time employees, ranging from programmers, to code management, server management, support, content developers and of course us… the owners (Kyle and Carson).

Our team works within a high octane, highly evolving, and very exciting environment.

Niche Marketing Inc., created and founded in 2005, has grown to a multi-million dollar per year enterprise, offering web-based software solutions and educational platforms across many niches. We are also stakeholders and Owners of the following businesses:
StreetArticles.com – Street Articles Publishing House
Jaaxy.com – Jaaxy Keyword Research, Website Analysis, and Data Mining Software

WA Services

There are many services that are critical to running a successful and scalable business online, websites and web hosting being integral components. Many people have 100+ websites. Some host sites for clients, some have large authority style sites. Whatever your needs, Wealthy Affiliate facilitates the creation and expansion of your Internet business and we make this easy for even the most technically challenged!

All websites at Wealthy Affiliate are hosted our state-of-the-art, premium monitored hosting. Unlike other web hosts, we utilize the latest technology to serve your web pages as the highest speed possible. We have strict limits for all of our servers to minimize load so that your websites perform better, get ranked better, and offer the best experience to your visitors. Wealthy Affiliate hosting is a pioneer in the web hosting industry and it is only available to members.

We are pleased to offer a remarkable premium monitoring platform that watches your site throughout the day for vulnerabilities or potential errors. Premium members within Wealthy Affiliate get 24/7 direct access to our website team that will tackle hosting issues on the spot, often times within minutes! This kind of support and monitoring just doesn’t exist elsewhere.

All Wealthy Affiliate members have access to our state of the art web hosting platform.

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Website Monitoring & Security

In order to run a successful business online you need to run it on a backbone that allows you to provide a quality experience for your customers. The hosting included within Wealthy Affiliate includes the ultimate in website monitoring and security. We protect your website and watch for dangerous activities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Anyone who has been involved with building websites in the past, know that there are many people out there that try to cause harm to your website. People hack, create viruses, security loopholes, and vulnerabilities so that they can benefit from your website somehow. In most cases people do not even know that their websites have been hacked and that malicious activity is happening through their website.

At Wealthy Affiliate we protect you from the wild west via with our website monitoring and security systems. Every day we seek out and destroy malicious code and seal up vulnerabilities on your website so that you can focus on building your business.

Host an entire business and one that can scale with the hosting at Wealthy Affiliate. No expensive hosting contracts or low quality, unreliable hosting. You get state-of-the-art hosting that is secure, safe, and fast!

Technical Support System

24/7 website support. 24/7 hosting support. These tickets go straight to the tech gurus, the people that can fix your issues.

There are many things associated with running an “Internet” business from websites, to coding, to image creation, to adding website payment. We have experts within the community that can help you out.-

Some of the most common discussions are surrounding websites and getting help. When you join Wealthy Affiliate you can ask for help with that technical issue that has been troubling you. Maybe you are having trouble adding a link to your site, or maybe you are trying to tweak some of the styles on your site to make it look “just right”. You will get answers to your questions in real-time at Wealthy Affiliate because there is always someone available with the expertise to lend a hand.

This kind of support does not exist outside of Wealthy Affiliate, so look no further we have what you need.

Exclusive Affiliate Program

At Wealthy Affiliate we offer one of the only affiliate programs in the world that averages over $100 per commission and one that pays for FREE sign-ups. As a member you have access to take part in this lucrative opportunity.

We have some of the most sophisticated affiliate tools and training available. Over 7 years without missing a payment date, and paying out millions of dollars in commissions, the Wealthy Affiliate referral program is an opportunity that all members are entitled to within the community.

Ambassador Program

The Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador program rewards those that contribute, those that pay-it-forward, and those are that are highly active within the community. Every year a chosen group of members within the community get to meet within a laid back private conference to talk Internet business.

Those that attend are changed forever. It leads to a lifetime of success in the internet business world and some strong relationships with the owners (Kyle & Carson) and top Online business experts in the world. Every member has this opportunity.


A quality education is a current and interactive one. That is exactly what you are going to get at Wealthy Affiliate. Inside the members area you will find the most current, topical, and expert training in the Internet Marketing and Entrepreneurship world. Within a fast paced environment like the Internet if you are even a few days behind the latest trends you can be completely left behind, or worse yet, you can be using marketing strategies that can have adverse affects on your business.

Training is delivered in a number of ways including Classrooms, Live Video Classes, Live Chat, Certification Courses, Text and Video based training, and a forum with over 500,000 relevant and helpful posts.

Wealthy Affiliate offers to-the-minute training that streams in on a daily basis. Our training platform is unique, easy to use, and truly remarkable in that you will learn in real-time as the Internet changes. No other platform in the world can offer real-time education for Internet Marketers and online Entrepreneurs like Wealthy Affiliate can.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is your source of all the learning essentials needed to run a business, and we provide a learning environment that is conducive of knowledge sharing and expansion.

Walk into Wealthy Affiliate and you are enrolled immediately into our famous Online Entrepreneur certification training. This walks you through the fundamentals of running a successful online business step-by-step. If you are brand new to the concept of earning revenue online, this is going to take your from an absolutely beginner to having your own niche, own website, own set of goals, and content within just the few first lessons.

This course has 6 levels (60 lessons in total) and by the time you are finished, you will be able to create a business within absolutely any niche and have the knowledge you need a lifetime of success on the Internet. It gives you the foundation to build a skyscraper sized business within the Internet world! Best of all, you will be earning as you learn and work through this set of courses. Many people begin to earn online revenue within the first couple of lessons because they literally tell you exactly what to do in this early stage of your training.

Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms will take your Internet marketing experience to an all new level as there is no training in the industry that matches what is contained within each classroom. Classrooms consist of topical discussions, video training, text-based training, and full (step-by-step) courses on each topic. The classroom topics that are available are:

  • Getting Started
  • Keyword, Niche and Market Research
  • Everything WordPress
  • Authoring & Writing Content
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Social Engagement & Marketing
  • Website Development & Programming
  • Local Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Many of the above Classrooms contain hundreds of video’s, text-tutorials, and courses, along with real-time discussions. There is no better place to learn, communicate, get help, and build an online business than within Wealthy Affiliate classrooms.

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High Definition Video Training

Wealthy Affiliate is a vast network of training for online business and we offer several types of training including video, courses, tutorials, and walk-throughs.

Each and every day there is new training added from many experts within the Wealthy Affiliate community. Experts contribute regularly to the training and you have access to 100’s (yes HUNDREDS) of high-definition training video resources the minute you step inside the doors at Wealthy Affiliate.

Once you join Wealthy Affiliate, you will never need to seek out training elsewhere. It is an all-in-one community and this means that we have all of the training you need. Both video and text based training modules are outstanding quality and are created daily within WA!

Live video training is also included within the community and new video training is added on at a minimum weekly basis within WA.

24 Hours A Day, Worldwide Training

At any given moment there 100’s of people within the WA community from all over the world. This means that regardless of your location in the world, there is going to be someone there to help.

Training and knowledge is constantly being shared within the community. Discussions, blogging, new videos and resources, task based courses. You will find absolutely every aspect or training that you would find within any high end ivy league school, but the training within Wealthy Affiliate evolves by the hour!

Get educated in the morning, afternoon, at night…on the beach, or on your mobile.

The Personal Blogsphere

Learn from other member’s experiences and share your own. 10,000’s of members are actively blogging about their experiences building online businesses and revenue streams. Whether blogging about industry news, or about successes and failures, every day there is very insightful and powerful blogging happening within the members area.

Being able to connect with others and read about the latest events taking place on the Internet is just another way that you can stay current with your business and become a much better equipped Internet marketer.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate you get your very own blog that you can utilize to blog about ANYTHING related to your online experience.

Forum with over 500,000 Posts

Learn within the infamous Wealthy Affiliate forum where there are over 500,000 topics and posts on absolutely everything related to online business. Grab a cup of coffee, browse the Wealthy Affiliate forum and prepare to be educated!

As with all of the training at Wealthy Affiliate, the forum is completely spam free, no sales pitches, just an abundance of techniques and strategies waiting for you to indulge in.

There are literally 1000’s of discussions that will provide you with “ah ha” moments. Tens of thousands of people have built businesses using the forum as a fundamental tool in their training, the value of this information is unmatched anywhere.

Essential Tools for Online Entrepreneurs

There is a BIG difference between working hard and working efficiently. At Wealthy Affiliate we are an advocate of both, but we want to make things as easy as possible for you.

Many people spend far too much time doing things the “hard way”. We offer the worlds most complete set of efficiency and time saving tools that will lead you directly to achieving better results.

Quality, easy-to-rank keywords can be difficult to find if you are using the wrong tools. Like everything else at Wealthy Affiliate, we have developed our own proprietary keyword system that allows you to quickly get at our growing database of 100’s of MILLIONS of keywords.

Quickly determine the most important metrics such as traffic volume, estimated traffic data, relevant keywords and our internal PPC and SEO power scores that will give you a fast analysis of whether the keyword is worth using.

We also reveal access to a true “competition” data metric that you cannot get anywhere else from any other tool. This will expose the exact number of competitors in the top search engines and help you quickly determine your chances of getting rankings.

Without this metric (and with every other keyword tool in the world), you are guessing which keywords will get you rankings.

Ultimate keyword and research efficiency is at your fingertips within WA and you can start searching for keywords as soon as you join!

Create a $0 Starter Account!

There has never been a more efficient way to build websites. Within Wealthy Affiliate you can create fully functional and highly functional WordPress websites in seconds. Whether you take advantage of our “Instant” website setup (no domain required), or you create premium websites on your own domains, we facilitate these processes and enable you to leave any technical aspects of building websites behind you.

Furthermore, we host your websites for you on our state-of-the-art cloud hosting that has been built entirely around what online business owners need.

Create and install FULL WordPress websites in 60 seconds or less. Choose from over 1,400 professionally built website templates, and utilize over 10,000 functionality packed website plug-ins to expand your and customize your website.

Your membership comes with two free websites that you can install and host at Wealthy Affiliate. Simple, easy and absolutely no technical experience required to get a website up and running as quickly as 5 minutes from now.

Creating Content Made Easy

Content analysis and management is made easy at Wealthy Affiliate. Using the exclusive Rapid Writer authoring tool you can easily create, store, analyze and manage your article and website content campaigns.

Write articles, analyze them for grammar and keyword density, and with a click of a button export your content to the top ranking article sites online. If you have struggled with getting top search engine rankings and are suffering from lack of traffic from your websites or online publications, Rapid Writer helps ensure your content is ready. No spinning, no tricks, just a solid tool to analyze your content while you create it.

Save, store, organize and export your content with a click of a button.

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Link Tracking & Cloaking

Quality, easy-to-rank keywords can be difficult to find if you are using the wrong tools. Like everything else at Wealthy Affiliate, we have developed our own proprietary keyword system that allows you to quickly get at our growing database of 100’s of MILLIONS of keywords.

Quickly determine the most important metrics such as traffic volume, estimated traffic data, relevant keywords and our internal PPC and SEO power scores that will give you a fast analysis of whether the keyword is worth using.

We also reveal access to a true “competition” data metric that you cannot get anywhere else from any other tool. This will expose the exact number of competitors in the top search engines and help you quickly determine your chances of getting rankings. Without this metric (and with every other keyword tool in the world), you are guessing which keywords will get you rankings.

Ultimate keyword and research efficiency is at your fingertips within WA and you can start searching for keywords as soon as you join!

Campaign Creation & Management

Creating successful marketing campaigns has never been this easy. When you have the right tools you can construction highly successful and efficient campaigns that generate revenue. Record your campaigns as a storyline within Wealthy Affiliate and get feedback from the tens of thousands of members as you progress through the training. Getting feedback from others can save you hundreds of hours, and earn you thousands of dollars.

Unlike any other community anywhere in the world, you have EVERYTHING you need to run highly successful and scalable campaigns.

Support + Coaching = Success!

Get ready to enter into an experience unlike anything else in the online business or Internet marketing world. Wealthy Affiliate is a community of like-minded individuals with all levels of experience and expertise. It is much more than that though.

Since 2005 when Wealthy Affiliate was founded, we have understood that success online is achieved when people have access to instant help and support in a timely fashion. Support from some of the worlds most talented Internet entrepreneurs and business people. WE ARE A COMMUNITY THAT CARES.

Support happens in classrooms, in live chat, in topical training modules, and pretty much everywhere within the platform. At all times you will have the opportunity to ask questions, and get help.

Live 24/7 Help and Support

Jump into the community and you are going to be welcomed with a helpful live chat going on 24/7/365. Wealthy Affiliate is a happening place with a lot of really cool (and knowledgeable) people.

If you need an instant answer to your question, chat is the place to go. If you want to have a live conversation about a particular topic or what to discuss a new strategy with fellow members, live chat is your hangout.

Some of the most experienced experts in the online business world frequent the live chat on a daily basis, an experience and opportunity that everyone gets to experience at Wealthy Affiliate!

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Real-time Discussions

Have a question or want to discuss a new idea? There are 1,000’s of discussions taking place every day within Wealthy Affiliate on every topic imaginable.

Whether you want to “lurk” and absorb the information, get help with a question you have, or take an active role and show off your knowledge in a particular category, discussions help you advance your knowledge and grow your business in ways you never thought were imaginable.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching from experts is what most people are missing when it comes to success. Not just help, but help from people that know what they are talking about. Wealthy Affiliate is a community of people that not only you can connect with, but people that you can trust. There are experts with knowledge in absolutely every aspect of online business that you can imagine – and they are willing to help you.

In addition, you can get personal marketing and campaign advice from the owners (Kyle & Carson), and ambassadors within the community. If you want to connect with millionaire marketers on a daily basis, spend a few minutes inside of the WA community and learn from people who are currently running successful and highly profitable businesses on the Internet.

Our Pay-it-forward Mentality

There are 10,000’s of folks within Wealthy Affiliate and the community is growing at the fastest pace ever. Why is this?

The members within the community contribute within a true “pay-it-forward” atmosphere. People get helped and achieve success, and then they help others by doing the same. There is more than enough opportunity for millions of people to succeed online, and that is something you will come to understand at Wealthy Affiliate. Learning from others expands your potential, and this is one of our most remarkable assets as a training platform.

Everyone has something to learn, everyone has something to share, and everyone benefits at Wealthy Affiliate.

Spam Free Communication

Tired of being scammed? Inbox full of new offers every day? Chances are you have been taken for a scam or two along your journey before finding Wealthy Affiliate.

At Wealthy Affiliate we pride ourselves on being a spam and scam free community. Nearly every other website or “opportunity” website that you come across is full of people wanting to benefit from selling you something. It is this sad fact that makes it very difficult to truly trust the information that you are getting.

With all the scams and sharks floating around out there on the internet, we provide the only safe place to learn, get help, help others, network, build and succeed online. Wealthy Affiliate is the last place you will ever have to join to get access to the essentials that you need to create and scale an Internet business. Everything that you need can be found within your back office at Wealthy Affiliate.

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