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Wealthy Affiliate offers 2 types of memberships, FREE & PREMIUM.

With the premium membership you have access to 25 free siterubix websites. You will also have the ability to host 25 domains that you own on Wealthy Affiliate’s state of the art secure and high speed hosting at NO additional charge. You can host up to 50 websites total and this has just recently changed. These websites are fully functional and they rank really well in Google and other search engines.

Hosting At Wealthy Affiliate

The unlimited hosting would refer to the number of websites which has changed recently. You can use the training for the Amazon opportunity or absolutely any affiliate program you can think of.

There are actually 4 additional certification courses included in your premium membership.

This includes course 2- how to get traffic to your website. This is an entire course dedicated to the many different ways to get traffic to your website.

Course 3- shows you how to turn your traffic into sales as well as showing you different ways to make money from your website.

Course 4- is all about social media and how to create a following on the major social sharing sites FB, G+ and twitter.

Course 5- is dedicated to showing you how to write content that converts and the importance of writing quality content if you want to have a successful business online.

The Premium membership fees

All of this is included in your membership and you will never find any upsells at WA. You pay $19 for your first month and $47 monthly after that. You will never find any hidden fees or be asked to pay more to access more.

After you have been here for a month you have the option of going yearly and saving a whole lot more money by doing this. This works out to only $359 for an entire year of the best training, tools, and personal 1 on 1 help and around the clock support. Broken down this comes out to about 98 cents a day or $29 a month. This is definitely something to keep in mind if you can afford to do so as you will be saving over $200.

Just to give you a bit of advice based on my experience in online marketing. Any program that claims you will make a 1000 a day or more “should throw up a red flag” and tell you it’s a get rich quick scheme.

Such programs are only there to serve 1 purpose, and that’s to take your money and run with it. Running a business online takes time and you aren’t going to make thousands overnight like many other programs claim you can.

I would be extremely cautious when checking these programs out and I can guarantee you that Wealthy Affiliate scores higher than any other internet marketing product in the industry.

looking forward to working with you and showing you how to build a profitable and long term business online. Click here to start your free journey into the online world or for more detailed information about wealthy Affiliate.

Sam Ammouri

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