Wealthy Affiliate Most Comprehensive Inside Information And Navigation Guide

A Comprehensive Guide To Help You In Navigating Wealthy Affiliate

Once your register either for the free or premium Wealthy affiliate membership This will help you orientate yourself in order for you to move forward in your training and get the max off it.

Quick Guide: Overview


Wealthy Affiliate Community functions on two principles:

1. Ask questions as if they would save your life, go ahead and ask as many as you like!

2. Put your new-found knowledge into action and succeed in helping others!

Our motto here at Wealthy Affiliate is…

teamwork success at wealthy affiliate

Learn – Build – Network – Succeed


Now that you know what the Overview is, let’s begin with the…

Quick Guide: Initial Goals

To assist you with your goals I  listed a few here:

  • Benefit by setting up your Account Profile in Wealthy Affiliate
  • Interact with Fellow Members and Ambitious Marketers through Live Chat
  • Comprehend and Figure Out the process of earning money online
  • From the beginning, learn How To Choose A Niche Market
  • Build your Very Own Website
  • Setup your website for Success Online
  • Ensure your website WordPress Plugins Are Activated
  • Find out How To Create, Search For and Install one of over 20,000 Plugins for your website
  • Build your very First Page of Content on your website
  • Build Lasting and Quality Relationships with Fellow Members here at WA
  • Receive Timeous Assistance when you needed it most
  • Mastering the process of Keyword Research
  • Find a tons of Powerful Keywords
  • Created Valuable Content within your niche
  • Learn a lot from the WA Powerful Information that is going to Help Lead You To the ultimate SUCCESS

This all sounds like a lot to take in right now, that’s why it’s just an overview of what you can expect to be doing in Wealthy Affiliate to Make A Successful Online Business. The HOW will come later when you start training, and there is plenty of training!

Coupled with the training, the tools, and the support network here at Wealthy Affiliate and your eagerness to learn and become successful in building a REAL business, this is a powerful combination to accomplish any goal!

So let’s make things happen!

Now that we know what the Initial Goals, let’s find out what the 5Ws are.

Kyle and carson of WA

Kyle and Carson- WA owners

Quick Guide: 5W’s

  1. Who Are We?
  2. What You Can Accomplish Within The Open Education Project?
  3. Where do You Go To Learn?
  4. Why Is It Important To Get Educated- Start Your Own Online Business?
  5. When Should You Start?

Who Are We?

To avoid duplication, this, and the next heading are linked to the original text.

Click on the link to read it there.

What You Can Accomplish Within The Open Education Project?

Don’t forget to come back for the rest of this guide-Now let’s continue with the rest of the 5Ws

Quick Guide: 5W’s cont

Where Do you Go to Learn?

In Wealthy Affiliate, you need to become familiar with 5 features as soon as you can.

1. The Caring Community

Here you can:

  • Access Resources
  • Find New Material
  • Obtain New Content
  • Participate In New Chats
  • Follow New Discussions
  • And many more

One of the fastest ways to communicate with others is through the Comments Section

Other ways to communicate include:

  • joining in the Chats situated on the Main Dashboard
  • communicate via the Classrooms
  • send fellow members Private Messages
  • comment on Members Profiles, in the Training and Members Blogs.

2. Building Websites and Research

Build your free website at Wealthy Affiliate

build your free website at wealthy affiliate

Building Websites and Performing Research Tasks are very simplified at Wealthy Affiliate.

To build a website, the above menu heading is provided in the Quick Actions Menu on the left panel of your home page within Wealthy Affiliate.

In this panel, you are able to create Free Websites, and/or WordPress Sites On Your Own Domain, taking mere minutes to create! These facilities are included in your membership with Wealthy Affiliate, include WA Hosting.

free websites at wealthy affiliate

If you join Wealthy Affiliate with the Starter Package, you are offered 2 Free Websites. These can be created at your leisure.

The Research Tool provided with your membership, is called the Keyword Tool. With this tool you can find suitable keywords for your Blogs, Domain Names and Posts that will improve your rankings in the Search Engines. More information on this is available when you start the Getting Started Course or the Affiliate Boot camp

3. Ranking in Wealthy Affiliate – this feature monitors your entire activity at Wealthy Affiliate

member activity monitoring at wealthy Affiliate

Your rankings can be viewed at the top of the Ranking Page, also known as Ambassadorship.

A complete analysis of the metrics of your activity can be seen in My Stats, where data and statistics of how many people have responded to your invite, how many members in Wealthy Affiliate are following you, and your overall Wealthy Affiliate Ranking position, plus a whole lot more that is so hard to find anywhere else.

Creating Websites, Blogs, Creating New Training, and Asking Questions

activity bar at WA

From the Pen Icon at the top of the page, you have the ability to:

  • Create New Training
  • Write New Blogs
  • Build A New Website
  • Ask All the Questions

This facility can be created from any page within Wealthy Affiliate, with a few exceptions. Training can only be created after you have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for at least three months.

4. The Massive Amounts of Training


From this platform, known as The Open Education Project in Wealthy Affiliate, you are able to search for training specific to the current subject you are studying.

This includes:

  • Training Modules Tutorial
  • Training Modules Videos
  • Training Modules Courses
  • Blogs in Wealthy Affiliate
  • Wealthy Affiliate Webinar
  • Questions Asked
  • Online Marketing
  • SEO “Search Engine Optimization”
  • Domains and Hosting
  • Mastering the social media
  • Mastering PPC (Pay per click) marketing

…and a whole lot more!

Searching For Training Modules

searching for help at wealthy Affiliate

Very easy To use this feature, just type what you are looking for in the Search Bar at the top of the page. As you start typing a drop-down list will appear corresponding to what you are typing.

Find the subject relevant to your search and click on it to view it. Continue in this manner until you find an answer to your query.

Within The Open Education Project, you can:

  • Create Websites
  • Establish An Empire Online
  • Learn almost Anything You Want To
  • Request Training If Not There
  • Get Help From Online Successors
  • Network With Fellow Entrepreneurs
  • Build A huge Following
  • Follow Fellow WA Members

5. Help Me

help at wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate commitment is to Help You, so we implore you, ask any questions you may have and you will get the answers!

Asking for help is what we thrive on, so if you come to a dead end and don’t know what to do, or how it’s done or you reach a blank moment – Just ask! We’re there to Help You Every Step Of The Way!

Where You Can Ask For Help:

  • Via Live Chat
  • In A Blog at WA
  • In A Comment
  • Through A Private Message
  • Via Ask A Question

You are GUARANTEED to get ANSWERS! So go ahead and ask as many questions as you want to!

Why is it Important to Get Educated and Start Your Own Online Business?


The constant Change is here to stay and that is no different anywhere in the world. Languages change, processes change, Information Technology is evolving faster than ever before!

Traditional learning in Universities is taking its strain on people paying for their education, as the expenses keep piling up year after year. At the end come graduation day, and there is no guarantee of income or work, but there is definitely a stunning bill that needs to be paid!

Many of these institutions cannot upgrade fast enough to the latest and greatest State-Of-The-Art infrastructure in order to be compatible with the speed of the ever evolving internet and all it has to offer!

Here At Wealthy Affiliate we provide the most current training and discussions found in The Open Education Project which is coupled with the most helpful community found in online education.

In the following days, weeks, months, and years, you have the privilege of interacting with some of the most knowledgeable people on most topics covered within our platform. It is therefore recommended that you engage yourself in our helpful and caring community here at Wealthy Affiliate, to leverage the maximum benefit with your education.

  • Learn and Understand Our Training
  • Create Relationships With Fellow Members
  • Build A Website With Quality Content
  • Use Your New Found Skills Beneficially
  • Use The System To Its Fullest Potential
  • Become affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate and make big commission checks

…and as you do this, you are starting to work towards building your online success.

Make It Happen! We know you can!

As a community, we are privileged to be a part of your success and hope that you will continue with us indefinitely.

When Should You Start?

There is no time like the present! So why not get started RIGHT NOW?!

Let’s view the last lesson and Let’s Get Started!

How To Get Started

Simply click here Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started free (Level 1) and start your free training!


Further questions under the category of Getting Started. If you need to ask or find out other answers to your questions relating to how to get started, please use this platform which is the Getting Started Classroom.

Plus if you need any further help with this topic please leave me all your questions below for my swift answer.

Your Pal

Sam Ammouri

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