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 Humanatic.com & The Real Truth About Making Money With This Program

humanatic can you make money with this program

Company Name: Humanatic

Website URL: www.humanatic.com

Start Price: Free

Company Owner: Century Interactive

Provided Training: None

Overall Rating: 2/12 Stars Out Of 5

What Is Humanatic?  Can anyone actually Make Money With Such program?

Humanatic hatched through a company called Century Interactive which recruits other people to listen, review, and critique, customer phone calls for accuracy and then sort them into a proper category. I’m sure most of you received a phone call or called a business and heard the operator say this call is being recorded for quality assurance, chances are it was Humanatic.

Humanaic has been around for quite a few years and are a well known company. You make money by signing up as an independent contractor and reviewing calls from a variety of different businesses for quality and accuracy.

You’ll be paid on a per call basis. As your accuracy gets better, you will unlock higher paying jobs and have the opportunity to earn more money for each call and category you unlock.No experience IS needed as long as you can follow instructions

Once You Join?

Your task will be listening to phone calls and tagging them by category. Like I said above, as your accuracy gets better, you’ll unlock higher paying jobs and gain access to more categories. You need to be a really good listener and be able to follow instructions to qualify for this job. You also need to pay close attention to details and catch on fast.

Who’ll Benefit The Most From Humanatic?

This opportunity is ideal for stay at home moms and dads to make extra money in their spare time. This is also a great way for  college kids to make some extra spending money. If you are looking to make a full time income from this, let me be the first to tell you, this is not going to happen with this program. However, there are other programs online that will teach you how to build an online business that will produce a full time income.

The pros of this program

  • Humanatic is a legit company
  • Free to get started
  • An easy work  for stay at home moms and dads looking to make extra money
  • The program Doesn’t require you to call people or talk on the phone

The Cons

  • low payouts(Some jobs pay as low as 1.1 cents).
  • No training . You’ll need to guide yourself through the process and listen to the samples you are provided with.
  • You’ll be easily penalized and have categories taken away from you for the smallest mistakes.
  • The assignments aren’t consistent and they seem to run out of jobs pretty quickly

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The price To Get Started?

It’s free to get started with Humanatic and surprisingly there are no upsells or down sells that I saw when I was reviewing the company. The only thing they require is that you have a Paypal account to get paid.

There is a $10 payment threshold that you’ll need to meet before they’ll issue a payment to you. The payout is every Monday.

Now How Much Money Can You Make?

If you are truly good at listening and picking out key items in phone calls and organizing them into the right category you possibly could make some decent money with Humanatic.

Since a large portion of their jobs pays so little you’ll find it really hard to make any kind of good money with them. While other people have made over $100 a month with this while there are others who struggle to make even $8 a month.

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Is there any support?

Support at humantic comes in the form of a forum. You can ask any questions you have here or browse their forum first to see if your question has already been answered.

You also have access to a FAQ page where you can get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

My Final Thoughts

Regardless to the fact that Humanatic is a legit and it’s definitely not a scam, it’s also not something I could recommend if you are looking to earn a full time living from. If you are a stay at home mom looking to earn some extra money from home in your spare time then I think this company could be an ideal for you.

If you would rather spend your time and energy building a long term sustainable online business that will grow over time, there are places online that will teach you how to do just that.

The million dollar question here is, would you rather make dollars or pennies?

This is the question you need to ask yourself before applying to this company.  Personally, I would rather spend my time building something of value, instead of wasting my time only to make a couple cents for each call.

I hope this review has helped everyone out today and has given you the information needed to make a sound decision as to whether this could be a good fit for you or not.

If you have any thoughts or questions please leave them for me below



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