Why List Building Is So Important To Your Email Marketing Success

Why List Building Is So Important To Email Marketing

By Sam Ammouri

Id like to take just a moment to share with you why I believe so much in list building and email marketing.

We have all seen the phrase “The Fortune Is In The List”. But how many of us really understand that phrase? I think a better way to say it is “The Fortune Is In The Followup”.

We live in a fast paced world where people are managing multiple schedules and lists between managing their business and their home life. How many times have you intended to review an article, check out a training presentation, or even place an order online only to have your schedule get interrupted by a co-worker, spouse, family member, friend, crisis on the homefront, or any number of possibilities.

Your potential customers are the same way. They may not have time to review your full sales copy or video at the moment so an email reminder would be perfect for them.

I have often had customers tell me that they saw my information months or even years earlier but just didn’t have the time to dig in at the moment. My follow up emails kept my other main website and offers in front of them so that when they found the time to review my  information, not only did they find the information easily but they also had learned that I was serious about helping them learn and make a decision about my offers.

So the big reasons I like to focus on list building and email marketing are:

  • I keep my name and offer in front of my prospects
  • I can follow up with those prospects any time.
  • My AutoResponder campaigns run 24/7 so they are working for me no matter what I am doing.
  • The planet is our market place and it runs 24 hours a day. Even when I am sleeping, traveling, eating, or any other number of activities, my email marketing campaigns are working around the world and around the clock to help build rapport, create trust, and help my potential customers trust me even more.

Why do YOU focus on list building in your business? Hope this was of  a great insight.

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Sam Ammouri

Sam Ammouri

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